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  1. Just been into toyota and they told me I cant have the satnav as they only do it when you first order the car, and to have the sports package it will cost me around £1200 for the parts and them to fit it

    Blimey that sounds a bit extreme.

    You can buy the spolier etc of eBay, the link is for a non painted one but white are on there if you look.


    Also fitting instructions for items can be found here:


    Just click the search aim button and put IQ into the vehicle drop down box.

    Then click the down arrow on the acessory group and see all the pdf's available.

    I searched eBay but they dont have Silver parts.

  2. I'm thinking about getting these 2 as I use a satnav alot and mine is not the best and saves me keep dirtying my window when I use it, and i just really like the sports package, but does anyone know how much toyota would cost for labour to fit them?

  3. :rolleyes: Interesting article on the Top Gear site by Paul Horrell. Mr Horrell interviewed the chief engineer of IQ who confirmed that he had made an error in not forcing a better quaility cabin on the bean counters at Toyota and nicer trim is already in design.

    Does that mean they will recall all cars to fix the problem or just send a letter out saying sorry, but all future Iq's will have the issue resolved.

  4. Just seen my first one, a white one in asda carpark, werent happy because by the looks of it they have every package, didnt look inside so dont no if they had satnav.

  5. i couldnt get anything but silver, but i'm not worried cos its B E A UTIFUL

    I was the same, I asked for white at the start then they said it will take a few months so I asked for black and that was the same, and the only one I could get with in a week was silver. My last 3 cars have been silver now and I have always wanted a different colour :(

  6. Glad its not just my car leaving white marks on the door lol, Found out aswell that some girls perfume also makes the seats go white and the center consoleis realy loose. Dont think I will be getting another toyota after this one unless the next one I get is improved dramticaly

  7. I was a bit iffy about letting people in my car as most people dont give a dam, but picked my girlfriend up yesterday and she scratched the inside somehow, must of been one of her rings.img0044yom.jpg So not happy seeing as she recked my old floor mats and made a hole in my carpet in my mazda3, so guess she aint going in my car anymore lol.

  8. I know ha ha. When I try to tell anyone bout the 3+1 they cant see any room behind the passenger seat because I wont move it.

    haha im exactly the same, I go mad if someone moves my seat and if they dont put it back I tell them to get out lol

  9. Boots are pretty big, I went to my dads earlier and i was picking up his tv and its a 32" and that fitted perfectly lieing down in the back.

  10. I would take it in, if I were you. :unsure:

    Mine works fine. :)

    I just went to get a Mc donalds and was gonna call in on the way back and it werent doing it, but its pouring down with rain so maybe that has something to do with it? like its to dry or something lol, i dunno :s

  11. The last day or two when I put my window down it gets a few inches down and my door vibrates a bit and makes a noise, not loud but annoying and dont sound to good, (sounds a bit like a !Removed! lol) My passangers side dont do it and im guessing something stuck somehow, so do I just take it down to toyota to sort it out or is it a simple thing which isnt worth the drive?

  12. Picked it up last Thursday and took it into work the next day and my brother asked if we could take it into the yard with all the trailers to take some pictures. We took about 40 but most are a bit repetitive and im to lazy to upload them all. I just removed the sticker of the front and rear window aswell as the rear sticker was way to bit for the size of the window.






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