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  1. Hi everyone Yes, I know when you read this you going to think firstly have I lost my marbles but my question is does anyone on here know if there is a bodyshop that would do a nut & bolt restoration on a S Reg Previa? 😁
  2. Well I agree with the fact that the original looks better. The only one thing I think I am going to look into putting on mine from the AM version is the hood with the vents and that's only if it's a simple case of a straight forward bolt off, bolt on part. I will keep you guys posted. Hope it is the case though. Regards D
  3. What I find the most annoying besides agreeing with all the other points mentioned below is that when sitting in a comfortable driving position, my knee is prodded by the handbrake lever. They really could have positioned it a bit further back as it’s really annoying and uncomfortable. Also what would have been a nice feature is for a mute button on the sound system. Just would make life a lot easier. Regards D
  4. Well I am happy for all of you who have your iQ's and enjoying them. We were scheduled to take delivery of our iQ3 tomorrow but upon going in to the dealer last Saturday to check the car out seeing that it arrived the Friday (24th), we discovered the idiot of a sales manager ordered our car in manual and not auto. I'm sure I don't need to express on this forum just exactly how I feel, but their service stinks. The joke is that to think I used to work for Toyota and the Dealer in question is also just hilarious as I now know why customers out there loose their temper. I really feel like telling them to shove the deal and go buy elsewhere.
  5. Part exchanging my 97 Paseo ST on the Scrappage Scheme for an iQ3 Multidrive in White Pearl Metallic with leather option and having a spoiler fitted. Purchasing the JBL Sound Upgrade kit and fitting it myself as it saves over half the price quoted by the Dealer. Car is due to arrive at the dealer on 24th but will only be taking delivery on 01/08. Sad to know that they will be re-altering the look of the ST to a block, but on another note I can't wait to own the iQ3. Bought the car for commuting to work.
  6. DJ-iQ3

    An Iq Meet

    I think it would be great no matter where, but I will say that whoever organizes it will never please everyone. I reckon to set a date and place and those who can make it, will. We are taking delivery of our iQ3 on the 01/08/09. Can't wait. Was also thinking even if it is only but a handful to do a road trip across the channel somewhere. Just remember all, that the less you do see, the better for us all as then your car will be unique for some time. Regards DJ
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