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  1. Toyota's sales figures for 2011 are here - Toyota Passenger 2011 So far 3831 Auris Hybrid and 5639 Prius. Prius sales are quite a lot lower than last year when over 10,500 were sold.
  2. I have adaptive cruise and I love it. You can adjust the gap between you and the car in front down to "Audi" close if you wish.
  3. Toyota Press Release Toyota GB are launching a special 10th Anniversary edition Prius with body kit, new 17" alloys in pearl white or Astral black only with special black leather interior. Price (with 20% VAT) is over £26K. Ouch. I would have liked to see the Safety kit on it as well (inc LED lights), but then the price would have been £30K.... Looks hot in black IMHO.
  4. I got these from http://www.vcacarfueldata.org.uk/ As we are talking a minicab I have gone for the automatic gearbox model: Prius G3 T3 is 89g CO2 / km and 6mg NOX / km 2010 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Auto (140ps) is 187g CO2/km and 0.216g NOX/km = 216mg NOX / km (i.e. 35 times more) It will be interesting what the newer diesels with urea injections fair. The new Mercedes 350 CDI blutec which has this technology has NOX levels down from 0.197g to 0.065g NOX and is Euro6 rated. However 65mg is still 10 times more than the Prius. As a comparison the current S500 with a 5 litre V8 petrol has NOX emissions of 0.031g. And I read somewhere that the Adblue urea costs well over £1,000 every 15K miles to top up.
  5. Sadly TFL have agreed this and announced it on Wednesday and the 100g limit comes into force on 1st Jan. However if you have a over 100g hybrid now register it BEFORE the end of the year and you will be able to carry on exempt until the end of 2012. Based on NOX its totally crazy. So much for air quality.
  6. A lot of assumptions here. Your calculations are correct. Your 35K miles = 56329Km. So that's 5.01 tonnes CO2 and 337.9 g NOX Assuming a 2 litre Mondeo diesel auto - will do around 29mpg urban, cost £1.20 a litre, puts out 187g CO2 and 216mg NOX (Prius is 6mg NOX) Thus you would need 1206 gallons, 5479 litres costing £6,575 which is £2,861 more or 77% more CO2 would be 10.5 tonnes, 5.5 more or 110% more NOX would have been 12,167g, or 11,829g more or 3500% more! That Mondeo is Euro 4. Ford must have a Euro 5 version coming (which will have lower NOX). (I did this in Excel too!)
  7. Sadly this looks like a US only model for now (because Europe has the Verso).
  8. Celebrating 10 years of the Prius in the UK: Toyota GB Press Release
  9. wooski

    Wrong Oil

    Toyota GB have written to all dealers reminding them that the G3 Prius uses 0W-20 engine oil. If your dealer is not using this then you should complain to Toyota GB.
  10. Toyota do sell a Rear wheel drive Hybrid in the UK, it's called the Lexus GS450h.... Toyota are to launch 6 new hybrids by the end of 2012. 2 are Lexus models (CT and IS I reckon). So that leaves 4 Toyotas. The Avensis will almost certainly go hybrid at some point, maybe with the same likely drivetrain as the ISh (i.e. with the 2.4 litre motor from the Lexus HS250h which is Japan and US only).
  11. I agree that the rear 3/4 view looks very dodgy in pics. But then I still think its main competitor the BMW 1 series wasn't graced with the pretty stick either and look how popular those are. As for Lexus itself, well it is still the no 1 luxury brand in the US. Outsells both Mercedes and BMW, something alot of Europeans cant get over but is true. From Toyota's perspective its a way of levering more out of their technology investments and trialling new toys - alot of the higher end technology in the Prius was first on Lexus models. I think the CT will cream off alot of Prius T Spirit sales in the South East to those people just can't live with the Prius interior and want better handling and a more upmarket badge on the bonnet.
  12. Good luck! This is the sort of crazyness that really makes me mad.
  13. Toyot'a 3rd car to be based on the Prius drive train, the Lexus CT200h, has been confirmed to have a CO2 rating of 96g in UK spec. The drive train looks identical, from 3 drive modes to power output (134hp). However the Lexus will have a fully independent rear suspension and more luxurious caban. But it will be smaller than the Prius and less aerodynamic - 0.28 compared to 0.25.
  14. This is indeed crock. The gen 3 Prius is very very popular in London as a mini cab. Companies like Green Tomato run whole fleets of them. If they can survive London they can survive Mansfield. I would fight this - and get loads of publicity doing so.
  15. Low CO2 does not equal low emmissions! London is having a real problem with NOX and Particulates and is still highly likely to get a whopping fine from the EU because of it. CO2 is not directly harmful to humans whereas NOX and particulates are. TFL did propose to lower the Congestion Charge exemption to cars below 100g but many including myself have protested during the consultation. Its madness to allow in small diesals and then ban the G2 Prius. So I hope there will be some change in this. Current hybrids have another 2 years leeway anyway. There is another arguement that those naughty 3.5 litre and 5 litre Lexus hybrids are far better than their executive equivilents. And they still put out less NOX etc than a Polo bluemotion diesal.
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