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  1. I had a similar event and eventually the EGR VALVE was diagnosed as being faulty also the engine had a faintly paraffin smell at the same time as white smoke.
  2. Look like motor unit needs replaced you can strip it down and play around with it but I found it more trouble than it's worth, I got a replacement on ebay and it worked fine.
  3. Had similar fault with the Toyota Avensis 2.0 D4D and my latest Avensis 2.0 Diesel with BMW engine. On both cars the EGR Valve was found to faulty. Can be cleaned it you have time.
  4. Did you disable the system before working on it? If not it's worth going through that process now. If message still on dash, check that you orientated pins on brake pad with piston correctly. Do not try to reset clutch point it never works and you will have to go to Toyota to get it reset.
  5. Not quite sure what is leaking exactly. If you intend to replace tensioner and chain it's not a simple DIY job.
  6. Can you tell us what the garage have done? For example have they replaced the ignition switch and all relays in the starting and fuelling circuits.
  7. Had a similar fault traced to the clutch on the air-conditioning unit try and engage air con when idling and see if it does away.
  8. Need to know model and engine type and capacity.
  9. As far as I know there is no dip stick as gearbox is sealed,as far as getting first year sounds like clutch is worn.
  10. I noticed a similar issue with mine, on inspection both the rear pads and disks had worn below limits.A new set of disks and pads sorted it out.I disks and pads are ok sometimes a caliper can be seized but this usually results in a check rear parking brake warning light.I have ran two Avensis as taxis and both suffered the same faults and cures.
  11. Battery light is always problem or a problem in the making, both my Avensis required replacement alternators around 170000 both displayed battery light on sometimes but charge when tested was normal. I can only guess but your alternator looks to be on way out.
  12. I had a similar problem with a T25 D4D, the same warning lights came on but it was battery charging light that stated on.After an AA visit no fault could be found however about 6 months later the same lights came on and all the warning lights and it was then diagnosed with a faulty alternator.But to be honest I have never found the Toyota warning light system to be even remotely accurate.
  13. The driveshaft needs to be removed to allow alternator to drop down. To much hassle on driveway just went local garage they charged £285 which included a recon alternator.
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