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  1. This was replaced on my Avensis by recall and no cost to me. Engine was 2.0 D4D 2WW diesel engine 2016/
  2. Used T25 2.2 and T27 2.0 as taxis T25 did 240000 mls the T27 did 184000 mls no excessive oil consumption and no clutch changes. My current Avensis with the 2WW engine uses about 4 lts every 5000 mls.
  3. Sounds like a classic case of poor installation of the clutch unit by the dealer.Only had a clutch fitted by a dealer once and it was a Mk 1 Cavalier. Same symptoms as you describe,eventually we took out gearbox and discovered that that clutch pressure plate had been damaged during installation by some of the fingers being bent so when the clutch was supposed to be disengaged the lack of pressure from the damaged fingers caused drag which is I think undoubtedly whats wrong with this car. Unfortunately poor expertise is now rampant in garages up and down the UK.
  4. Does this car have any service history? never heard of bottom end problems but oil consumption can be high even at 50000 mls. Also the correct specification of oil must be used, if its been serviced by Toyota I would chase them for a new engine. I don't think any other engine would fit as they are totally different units. I have used Toyotas as taxis and they have never had the oil consumption problems my 2WW engine has.
  5. Dont bother with all the checks I have had T25, T27 and T27 facelift all of them without fail wore out the front left first. Same issue with Ford Sierra. What causes it? unknown never found any mechanical fault in any of these models and as they were taxis they were tested every 6 months.
  6. Have used Brake International parts are good and reasonable price.
  7. Repair kits are available as it looks like the o ring on shaft has worn out. I have had this problem on my last Avensis and found it was easier to replace the whole caliper with a remanufactured item. There are cheaper new parts on ebay etc but some of these pattern parts cause problems with the EPB system,the actuator arm on some parts seems to be the issue. Also when you buy a remanufactured item its an original part with the correct dimensions etc. And lastly plan ahead and get the other side done too I had just got one side changed three weeks later the other one seized. Hope this helps.
  8. Car was a bit hesitant to start this morning,when I went out later I noticed that the pre heater coil light was not illuminating ant ideas of where to look for issues, Its got the 2WW engine. Cheers for any help.
  9. Thanks for getting back what I failed to mention was that the AA guy also said that the alternator was most likely faulty from new but as they are Denso to get a correct replacement they are very expensive. I know its a long shot but my car had been into the main dealer every year to check bad starting what I failed to notice at the time but looking back at invoices they always gave the battery a boost charge or replaced it. The only person who diagnosed correctly was the AA but he of course had came over this fault previously.The alternator had basically an intermittent fault which was never showing itself in garage testing. Only me changing it regardless of testing results fixed the issue. Cheers for now good luck.
  10. I had almost identical symptoms with a 2.2 D4D 2008. After about 9 months of garages telling what they thought (it never was what they thought) I was driving along and the battery light came on for a few miles then went off. I called out AA next time it happened and the AA mechanic said he had seen this before and added "was I having starting problems". The car went in for an alternator change which was quite expensive. However the car ran for a further 120000 mls with no starting issues even in -15 winter. In fact when it was traded in at 240000 it was running great.(it was a taxi). Dont know if this is whats wrong with yours but worth investigating. My car also up until the alternator was changed was eating batteries at a rate on one a year this stopped as well.
  11. Has anyone with the 2WW engine in their 2 litre Avensis noticed that the oil consumption is on the high side. My car has been main dealer serviced from new but after the last service at 40,000 I noticed that at 43000 I had to top with 1 litre of oil. It did not require any top up ups till now,any info would be great.
  12. Sounds like the last person to remove and refit wheel has not completed the task. No one will ever admit to it, the only thing I would say is only fit wheel nuts supplied by Toyota. Pattern parts may look the same but in critical component like this it has to be correct material etc.
  13. Good morning everyone, having an issue with my front passenger seat adjustment. Now and again the bar which runs across underneath the front of the seat becomes slack when you lift it it has no resistance therefore you cannot move seat back or forwards.If I look underneath I can see the metal fob sticking out from the runner and can see the white plastic bracket it should connect with. After jiggling about I can get them connected and the seat works normally for a while, but soon disengages again. Any ideas how to fix this more permanently.
  14. jimtaxi

    Fual cleaner

    Have used various cleaners all work well, three Avensis models 243000 mls, 185000 mls and now 54000 mls with no injecter or fuel economy issues using redex at the moment as Tesco had it on for £2 a bottle.
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