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    You will need piston rewind tool and suitable socket set with 18 " breaker bar.You have to remove the calipe r mounting bracket.The two bolts are always tight do not use anything other than a close fitting socket as rounding these bolt heads will cause problems.The rest is straightforward.Make sure you disabled the auto function on the electric parking brake before you start.
  2. After months of searching for a mirror cover I went and got one from Toyota main dealer it was £43 went to auto shop bought a tin of closest blue spray paint painted it three coats and job done. Any body shop is looking at £250 for same job, if your car is 10 years old just do it yourself.
  3. I have a 2012 2.0 D4D T27 the battery light is now constantly on and the belt is fairly new, so I am thinking the alternator is faulty,from what I can see from the top there is a slight build up of oil staining on the alternator does anyone have any idea how the alternator is removed as its at the back of the engine and looks like limited space.
  4. Having trouble with starter motor disengagement now and then but probably will be permanent eventually.How do you remove starter its a 2012 T27 2.0 D4D.
  5. Does anyone have a sequence for removing the A/C compressor from an Avensis D4D 2.0 year 2012, the clutch pulley needs replaced on this item. Temporary repair of short belt fitted.
  6. Noticed a strange smell just before the EGR valve failed in both my T25 2.2 D4D and T27 2.0 D4D it was more like a strong smelling paraffin. very strong when just parked after running.
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    Have taken on a MR2 Roadster year 2000 1.8 vvti engine, it has come with some history which seems to have involved various garages replacing sensors etc the main problem to fix first is a 1500 rpm idle speed and emissions too high the car starts first time but idle does not drop it would appear that the last owner gave up and disconnected the engine management light so it does not illuminate on ignition first turn!!! Don't like to load up problems but also front shocks and springs need replaced spring one side and leaking shock on other side.So probably best to replace both sides as they will both need to be dismantled any any isssues with this job. Also power steering not working but car only done 62000 mls verified by MOT and garage history any clues as to how to test PWR Steering faults. Any help suggestions greatly appreciated as the rest of the car is sound. Oh any one got an original radio cd unit for sale as its missing !!!
  8. When actuating the electronic parking brake just at the end of the sequence the brake creaks to a stop. When the the brake is released it creaks immediately then unwinds normally. I have traced it to the nylon type bush where the cable goes through the lever on its way to the end with the pin is this a sign of metal fatigue or just a dry bush.
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    How difficult is it to completely overhaul the rear calipers on a 2012 Avensis it has the EPB.
  10. This can be difficult to find the fault but I had numerous battery changes and slow cranking problems and tests,the alternator always checked out ok but one morning the alternator failed when it was replaced the car no longer had low speed cranking problems in fact its had the same battery now for three years with no problems.
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    2010 D4d Woes

    This car must have had petrol put in it at some stage and not properly removed. It more than likely has been diluted with diesel top ups till symptoms went away, not a good way to solve this common problem. The swarf is likely from the pressure pump which will have been completely knackered by the petrol, it then clogs up everything else rendering the whole system useless. The dealer is to be congratulated as the customer who traded it in must have known about this.
  12. My 2.2 Avensis is now at 210000 miles oil changed regularly so no issues, changing this chain would also have to include the chain wheels and tensioner mechanism to do a proper job. If no noise leave well alone, access makes this a tricky job even for experienced Toyota technicians.
  13. Had this in my 2008 T25 2.2 Toyota charged me for a new actuator unit and labour £320.00 for such a small part thought this was OTT especially as lots of owners seem to have had this problem.
  14. Any problems reported with this model regarding coolant issues.eg cylinder head gasket issues.
  15. Getting a clicking and scrubbing noise from under dash near central part which holds heater controls etc, think it might be servo motor which controls flaps etc can you change this DIY and how many motors are there? Avensis 2.o D4D 2012 also any idea on cost of parts.
  16. Mines is now 209000 mls still on same clutch but steering now requires some work, joints etc. its retired from taxi use and used as a runaround its a 2.2 T3X
  17. Read all sorts of replies but need a definitive answer. Is it possible to change pads and or disks and pads without access to computer via Toyota.The car is a TR 2.0 2012 saloon. Any help appreciated. Taxijim
  18. Can anyone tell me where to get the correct front wheel bearing for my 2008 2.2 Avensis also any guides on fitting. Thanks for anyhelp. Jimtaxi
  19. Put 7 litres of petrol in then filled up with correct fj uel car went ok then two days later eng vsc trc lights now on what dl i look for cheers taxijim
  20. Any one know about a wheel bearing kit that comes with bearing already fitted into the hub it appears that this would only entail unbolting the hub bearing carrier to renew the bearing. Any info on this would be appreciated Thanks
  21. Hi All does anyone know how the rear seat lifts up on a 2012 2.0 T4 avensis I need to do this to fit seat covers properly the seat back is no problem but how does the seat squab lift off? Cheers taxijim
  22. You need to check your disks again, what check made you think they are ok? I have gone through 4 sets of disks mileage now 186000 at the end of their life they displayed the vibration braking at speed and groaning at pull up to lights. Unless you have access to a magnetic base and clock to check runout you cannot check the disks accurately enough, the slider pins are prone to siezing and should be dismantled and regreased every 20000. All the taxi owners I know 10 drivers approx mileages 200000 in 4 years have had no ABS sensor failures or any ABS unit failures at all.
  23. Hi All my 2008 T3X needs a new wiper linkage looking at some on ebay but do not know if they will fit my model. Some quote 2003 to 2008 some mention T3X specifically is there a difference between them or will any 2003 to 2008 linkage will do. Thanks for any help
  24. jimtaxi

    Water Pump

    Any ideas how much I should pay to have my water pump replaced. Signs of coolant leaking from that area not confirmed but a small wet patch under the car this morning right under where pump etc are.Could there be any other source of a leak in this area. Any help much appreciated Taxijim.
  25. I have had problems like this since the car was new !! When outside temp is below o c it can struggle to start. I recently had the alternator replaced and this has improved the starting when o c but it can still just catch then wheeze out!!!!!!!!!!