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  1. steveybaby

    Iq Recall?

    Looks like there is an IQ recall - details a bit sketchy though: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8487984.stm
  2. I like my IQ however I wished I'd also looked at tha Alfa Romeo Mito too. I *know* that I'd be standing on the hard shoulder now and then and that it is a Fiat underneath but just my thoughts! Whatever you do, you'll probably regret it at some stage so just do what you think is right today.
  3. What do you expect from an organisation that only gets £3.2 Billion per year! There is a Smart fortwo round my way that does this devilish deed
  4. steveybaby

    Iq Owners

    I too wave to other IQ owners because, let's be honest, we *are* a little different! I still nod to other motorcyclists when I'm riding my Triumph but not to scooter riders - no Sir.
  5. I don't pay attention to them either. To do so, the engine would need big ends every couple of months considering when it thinks I need to change gear. Just listen to the engine, it's the best way to drive!
  6. Thanks all, there seems to be something about calibration so will double check this - it's part of the TNS510 (off the top of my head). It is very odd thoug, it was pin-point accurate then one day and since, it has been considerbly out. Once I've RTFM word by word, I'll report back. Cheers.
  7. Hello, when I first got my car,I was impressed with the accuracy of the sat nav. Recently however, the accuracy has been quite poor. Occasionally, when looking at the map, the green arrow (me) will be running parallel to the road I'm actually travelling on. More often however, the arrow can be around 30 yards out which makes the system almost useless when going round back streets. I' not expecting it to have the accuracy of a Storm Shadow ALCM however it *used* to be far, far better. Has anybody else come across this or perhaps know a way to get it back on track? Thanks for reading.
  8. I pay around £200, over 40 but a postcode that has a similar insurance rating as the Lebanon. A couple of years ago, I had a Citroen C2 1.1 SX, I was quoted £800 - consider that I was paying £120 fully comp for a Jensen Interceptor at the same time that was worth more - go figure our colonial cousins would say!
  9. Hi Turniphead, thanks for the reply. The music sounds fine at home and did in my previous car which is why I'm pointing the finger at the IQ audio. I may drag a pair of KEFs down to the garage and hook them up to see how they fair - shame I haven't got the space in the car to carry them permanently! Cheers.
  10. I believe the black plugs are to cap the chassis tubes - these are left off to allow the cars to be clamped during shipment from Japan. Sorry to hear about the non-starting. SWMBO had a new Rover 420, this died on its first run but was traced to a connector popping out of the management system - hopefully, it's a silly like that. Good luck.
  11. Hello all, I've got the standard audio package in my IQ2 (with Sat-nav and DAB radio) and whilst it is fine, it really suffers when you wind up volume. Now, I'm not one of those that has the windows open whilst playing some wretched noise that sounds like a car alarm in pain but I do like volume and quality when playing some rock, blues or classical. My question is, are the speakers at fault because they were built to a price or is it the audio system itself? Perhaps I should have gone for the audio upgrade but is it really that much of an improvement and if so, can it be retro fitted? Has anybody upgraded their audio? Thanks for reading.
  12. Well? Probably still out burning round the local streets!
  13. Frustrating I know! I stopped at some traffic lights the other day and saw the reflection of the car in a shop window - god it's tiny! Hang in there, it will seem like an eternity but the day will come (I'm picking up my new Triumph Bonneville on Wednesday so I've got that frustration again!).
  14. steveybaby


    White IQ going towards Eltham, SE London. Driver had long blonde hair - was about to wave but hesitated as I waved at a new Prius the other day as it looked similar
  15. steveybaby


    The only thing I got from my dealer for nothing was coffee!
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