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  1. Hi Paul, I'm did it myself. I took a second hand towbar from a Fiat Uno and modified it to fit the IQ.



  2. Ruud

    Can you let me know who supplied your tow bar, That's excactly what I'm looking for.

    Ta Paul

  3. Same to you all, een gelukkig nieuwjaar!
  4. Ruud-from-Holland


    could you tell me where?? Indeed, it's sometimes hard to navigate, but is was in the Grill Thread
  5. Ruud-from-Holland


    Hi Ben, no problem, just take off the complete front and you'll have plenty of room. Taking the front off is done by removing 4 bolts on the bottom and the plugs on the top. Earlier this week La-La described with pictures how to remove the front in another thread of you. Regards, Ruud
  6. I have the Toyota ones too. Easy to fit, but you have to put them right at once. Not more wind noise then without, but now you're able to open and close the window, when you're doing more than 60 mph.
  7. iQ handles super, found that out last (long) winter. Now I have all-weather tyres, sort of wintertyres for all year. Allowed in Germany too. I'm very curious how it handles now, but I don't have to wait, because at the moment everything turns white around me.
  8. Behind the Toyota logo would be a nice place
  9. Very nicely done S2Sosmart, you've got me insprired! I'm not sure where to find the time, but I'm eager to start. Of course LALA is right, you need to open up something for the overpressure inside the cabbin, Otherwise it will also hurt your ears, you can probably feel it now when you slam the door. Other than that, a splendid job! Regards, Ruud
  10. Hello Uski, MD1, Bilmuche and Peluchette, sorry for the late answer, but I'm not every day on the forum. First of all, the grey bootliner I made myself, it was one of the first things I made, because my dogs were very unhappy with the standard situation, they stepped between the bench or felt while braking. The bootliner is foldable for easy mounting. I have to make some more of those for the dutch forum members. Regarding the interior lighting, it's not so difficult. The wiring comes from the standard bulb, the opening for the new light in the center has been cut out from the ceiling, which i
  11. It's not just the mm's for the looks, the handling improves a lot, but the comfort is a bit reduced. The annoying tilting in corners is gone now. Handles like a kart now. Very good. But the garage told me that Eibach is a very good brand for lowering springs, there are other brands who just heat up the original springs to lowe them, but Eibach makes them specially for each make and model.
  12. We are all very curious after the final result, at least I am. Keep us posted with lots of pictures and I wish you all the luck... Ruud
  13. Hi Manton, sorry for the late answer. I said Eibacher, but that should be Eibach, for both springs and spacers. The problem with mounting of the spacers is that the bolts are not long enough. You have to push them out and replace with new longer ones. I used 15mm spacers, any thicker makes the car to wide, because I want the widened look, but keep the standard tires for economic purposes. Regards, Ruud
  14. Hey Barry, I lowered my Iq last month with Eibacher springs, very good result I must say, I also put spaces on the wheels, 15 mm per wheel, It has become a different car, no more tilting in corners, handles very good now.
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