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  1. My experience is that uk cars cannot be customised the same as USA ones. In a nutshell, asking the reversing beeps to be disabled is about the only option. I didn't believe it so the garage showed me the options (or lack of them) when the gadget was hooked up. I really wanted self locking doors, and driver door first unlocking. I'm guessing that the ecu is different for euro or UK cars, not sure that the yanks get the fac alarm and immobiliser.
  2. You have two options, check flee bay for an iPod/iPhone aux cable - this is supposed to get the best sound quality since it connects to the aux out, or just buy a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and plug that into the headphones connector and max sure you have the iPod volume at about 70% I personally use the latter cable for my iPhone, which then allows me to plug the car charger in at the same time. Either way the cable should cost less than £3 Inc postage. BTW if you have an iPhone or half decent other phone you can link them to the stereo over Bluetooth for music, sound quality is great and it of
  3. hi there, might be getting the wrong end of the stick here but if you have a USA spec prius (2009-) then the car can be programmed, if it's UK spec it can't. Not sure about euro cars.
  4. I wonder if this car has fallen fowl of the wrong oil in servicing as well. Like most comments here, clearly their is something wrong - probably driving style and tyre pressures. Having said that, there are plenty of people who see the eco credentials of this car as offensive and something that has to be proven wrong - even if it does mean driving in power mode with the windows open, air con on and carrying a roof box.
  5. Sadly this feature is not available on UK spec Prius cars. I too was interested in this, the lock on driveaway or lock when moving out of park. Toyota UK appear to have decided that these features are not needed here, bless them. Just make sure you ask the garage to disable the continuous warning beep when in reverse.
  6. For us the extra was worth it for full keyless entry, cruise control, Leather steering wheel, Bluetooth (with voice that we now know how to use), alloys (wheel trims seem to get pinched at work) and finally the upgraded stereo and extra pair of speakers. The stereo I suspect is the same but the specs suggest a different amp and all the speakers are better spec. I don't understand why auto lights or dimming rear view mirror are not in the car, but that's Toyota for you.
  7. Thanks, the broucher has the wrong pics. Even the spec at the back of the same broucher states it has the Bluetooth handsfree buttons on the steering wheel. After trying again tonight in the car the voice button appears to work, ie press it - and after the bleep say either a recorded name or "redial". I wonder if there are any other commands other than "redial". Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  8. Hello, I've had our T4 for over a month now and still cannot understand what the voice button on the steering wheel does! Coming from a RAV t180 which had excellent voice commands I cannot seem to do anything with the Prius. When pairing our phones it insists on recording a voice tag, and also when storing numbers on the stereo again voice tags. The only time I hear these is when I press the dial button on the steering wheel and then press a number from 1-6 on the stereo, pressing dial once more if I want to make the call. To switch between handsets is not straight forward, and seemingly
  9. Try the key from your spare fob. Our wonderful local stealer appears to have mixed up the keys on our new Prius and it was only by chance that I discovered that one fob had the wrong metal key supplied! The stealer is in the process of ordering a replacement. If you are in the uk I would be interested if you used a dealer in MK, if so I suspect you have my key :D
  10. lol nothing like putting me under a bit of pressure I have previously offered my advice on this under a different thread, but I think the poster is now asking whether he is best with a cheaper gen2 or pushing the boat out and getting a new gen 3. Is the gen 3 worth the extra money? Or is the cheaper gen 2 worth the compromise. Perhaps other members can offer their experiences of the two vehicles, especially those who have owned both vehicles. yer that the thing i got £10,000 in cash was just going to get a gen 2 t spirit but now been thinking about getting a gen 3 t4 with leather :) but
  11. Well done, our new T4 has been doing really well. Just done the first thousand miles, but so far we had (filling at the pump measurements)... 55MPG after 162miles 54.1MPG after 194miles 48.2MPG after 250miles 57.6MPG after 319miles Given our previous BMW 330i and RAV T180 we are well pleased with the figures. The Prius does take a little getting used to for best performance, but I'm amazed that Toyota do not make more of a song and dance about the smooth transmission and quite ride. What is impressive is that the MPG on this car really does appear to match the petrol pump cal
  12. From what I've read on this forum, I've been quoted cheaper than some! At least my dealer is willing to carry out a repair if it's possible. Also, if it's a new tyre required, it's not that bad compared to the cost of tyres for some other makes. I'm trying to be philosophical about it, now that I've stopped fuming. Mind you, in 12 months time, I think I'll be changing my car for something a bit more user friendly, unless I can pick up a cheap spare wheel. Sorry - we should be more helpful. It's just that the wheels for the T180 have been the subject of many long rants, including looking
  13. I agree on all points here. Our T180 seems to show that the tolerance for pressure is quite wide and the tyres can be quite deflated before causing an alert but one of the main advantages of any of these systems is detecting a leak if you are zooming down the motorway. If its a slow leak, especially on the back it can be hard to notice until you get a blow out. These systems help alot. On BMW they (like many other) use a cheap version that uses the ABS sensors to measure rotation speed to detect deflation, but these are inferior to the pressure sense systems. They are however more reliabl
  14. Nice one anchorman I was wondering how long the batts last now I know ,,,,thanks :D I heard that five to seven years, but it depends on usage - as in how often the car is driven. After a period of time the sensors go to sleep and stop transmitting. They are reactivated when the wheels start to turn. I wonder how accessible the batteries are when they go? Suspect that it would either be a new sensor or deactivation of the system for that wheel.
  15. Hi Hemi, this wasn't a jibe at MOT testers - I'm supprised that its not included, but would not be shocked if it became part of the test. Good to know. This bit of news can only push further towards the reasons for doing the mod. I am now starting to wonder whether there is a legal issue here after all. When all said and done we are only talking about modifying the bulbs. Now as major a manufacturer I can understand the strict requirements for leveling, cleaning and E marking *BUT* often smaller companies are excluded from lots of DoT restrictions. Airbags, ABS and even CO2 emmissions a
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