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  1. I bought this : http://www.philips.fr/c/car-lamps/led-daytime-lights-guide-12825wledx1/prd/ It is a DRL daytime running light It is easy to install if you have a driller and take your time to think how and where to install it. you need to drill 4 holes in the bumper's removable grid (the grid where my DRL are installed) I bought 4 "things i can't translate from french" looking like this : http://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/produits/equerre-chaise-100x19mm-e1400146240 The ones I bought are 30mmx30mm (maybe 15mm large) and fit perfectly. Thanks to this the DRls are not in front but slightly behind the plastic bumper's grid (I'll take a pic later). How do they work ? They are DRL so they improve the way other drivers sees you. They are connected to the car battery and they turn on as soon as the control box finds out that the car engine is on. They are connected to the + wire of the car lights and automatically reduce from 6wat to 1wat not to blind other drivers at night. They also stay lightened for 30 seconds after you turn off your car's engine. They turn on if you turn the car lights even if the car's engine is off.
  2. I just installed a Philips Daylight guide running lights kit http://www.ledperf.com/feux-de-jour-led-philips-daylightguide-p-4217.html I found out that the front bumper is quite easy to remove and install with no chance to damage it if you do it carefully. Some pics DIY : There are 6 screws to remove under the bumper, 5 pins on the top of the bumper and another kind of pin on each front wheel. The lights turn on for 30 seconds when you plug them to the battery and stay on for 30 second after you turn of the engine (same thing when the start and stop motion stops the engine) Engine off, lights off : Engine on, lights off : Engine on/off, lights on : I fogot to take pics when i screwed the fixation plates in the aeration grid....
  3. Hi, you should hide your number plate when you display pics on internet... cheers
  4. I have these some times... to prevent it try to touche the metal part of your door before your put your foot on the street floor. It isn't a real solution but it will prevent you from getting shocks ;-)
  5. Once I've put 32.78 liters in my IQ... exterior temp was -3C° I usually fill at maximum.
  6. I've reccently been told by toyota that one of the front airbag, coming out of the seat can not be replaced, you have you change the whole seat.
  7. I don't have any issues like this on my start and stop... therem must be a problem you need to find out with toyota !
  8. Not sure the VW RNS510 and Toyota TNS510 are the same... the way to update TNS510 is to buy a new SD card with the map on it.
  9. I' ve got them for a few months an they work well and did'nt make marks on the seatbelts... and I used the other ones to seal the crisps bag lol
  10. I found two solutions for this rattling...both are the same with a different tool... just attaching the belt clipper to prevent it from moving and hitting the plastic pannel. I try with an elastic and a black string (it works but is uggly) and then I found these : http://www.rueducommerce.fr/m/ps/mpid:MP-36245M7296471#moid:MO-FF660M11416377 I used the black ones wich are perfect color and size !
  11. Don't you loose too mucht height with this one ? I mean when I put my head on the left i can touch the side of the roof... whereas I'm not tall (1.76m).
  12. I have the same kind of loss in acceleration when pushing the clutch at maximum. When I adjust the strenght on the clutch with my foot (as when I turn off ASR) there is no loss of power : first pushing the clutch at maximum and then reduce the strenght and progressivly increase the strenght on pushing the clutch... I hope you could understand what I said because I'm french and I'm not sure I'm speaking right LOL
  13. The Scion IQ rear skirt looks nice... http://www.leftlanenews.com/photos/scion-iq-picture-10.html
  14. It rocks !!! I also made some tries to put footlights (same leds as you) but decided not to touch the elerti wires of the car not to loose warranty.
  15. Saw it on a IQ in a french seller :
  16. Welcome ! I would love some pics of this colour ;-)
  17. I bought some flexible LEDs to light my foot in the car, I am still looking for a way to install them without breaking the guarantee
  18. Sorry but not much have a response. Please give reason for not a good idea. The footwell are not made to light the car, just to be good looking, all the more they are hiden by the doors when the doors are closed... I am actually thinking of SMD leds hidden somewhere on the doors or under the steering wheel...
  19. ROlls Royce did it first on the rims of the Phantom...
  20. Just bought some Hankook K415 and they sucks on wet road, but they are better on dry road than bridgestones B250. On wet they suck mean the ABS goes on easily and double the distance you need to stop the car...
  21. The TTE website has been closed : http://www.tte.de/ As said on it you still can buy products through you usual Toyota seller... you just have no idea of the existing products for your car :!Removed!:
  22. +1 I wouldn't say you will save fuel either LOL
  23. I have updated the first message. My front tires are close to the end and I decided to try 4 Hankook K415. I'll keep the actual back tires in my garage in case of emergency (as our tire must be ordered, nobody have them in stock). I just maid the order and should receive them in one week. I'll let you know if I'm happy with them. My front B250 tires have been lasting 23000/24000 km.
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