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  1. the exact same has happened to me ! in tht top secret space left hand side under steering wheel haha, i find if i tap mine from underneath with my hand the odd 5p will roll out, still got some stuck in there tho, i think toyota cud do with a little ash tray or sumthing like tht, its poor really everythings open.
  2. hiya mate, top photo is my car :) could do with knowing what paint u used ? i did laquer mine but used plasti-kote gloss black, only thing i can think of is if u used a matt black paint ?
  3. right, it was the aygos first m.o.t today, went to pick it up and he said its failed, i asked what on he sed its giving wayyyy too high emisions, ive had a performance backbox fitted but thats not the fault he sed, he sed it could be a sensor :S:S what do yu guys reckon ? stuck with no car now
  4. i went through this phase, debadged it all and ended up putting them back on, i like the chrome, however id spray them black, does look cool ! Have you got any pictures of them sprayed black?
  5. i went through this phase, debadged it all and ended up putting them back on, i like the chrome, however id spray them black, does look cool !
  6. You can get one like that from MIJ Performance, they claim it adds 6bhp due to gas flowing more freely. They have videos of the exhaust fitted to an Aygo/ C1/ 107 doing dyno runs on Youtube, it costs around £300. wicked aygo, simular exhaust to mine, mines a powerflow, looking good mate, any more plans ?
  7. only thing i can think of which isnt going to look bad is to get some car carpet as close as a match to yours and stick it on, i know of people that have done the bot lip just not the back seats:) if done well i think it wud look smart! hope this helps
  8. really nice job ! they look so cool, wud love them on my aygo black, now to start saving :P
  9. right well its that time, the 107 nationals (not just 107's attending, c1's and aygo's) Venue http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/detai ... revid=4580 Dunston Heath Farm Dunston Heath Stafford, Staffordshire ST18 9AQ 9th, 10th and 11th of july, come on aygo owners lets make it a big one, on the saturday theres a cruise to cosford too which will be where i meet and follow from there, for more details heres a link, http://www.107oc.com/index.php/topic,7522.0.html
  10. Seriously dude, you're joking right? :) Jap company. Same difference -.-. Shh :P Aha. Toyota were far more helpful than peugeot when it came to buying too. toyota badge :P its jap
  11. aygokid

    Sound System

    yepp, what do yu need to know :)? heres my install
  12. dudeeeeeee i wouldnt, i enjoy cleaning mine, if anythink id say get the jetwash in your arches and on the alloys :)
  13. wouldnt worry too much, my aygo black does exactly the same, never thought anything of it :S
  14. well ive got my butt into gear and have started work again on my car, ordered my tint spray for my lights :D
  15. aygokid

    Door Speakers

    hey dude, i havent yet done my speakers in my doors but want too, however i have done my tweeters and fitted fineee just went round with stanley knife to take shaving off in order ot fit them, i find all my info out off this site http://my107.blogspot.com/2007/02/doorpanel-speaker-project.html heres installing door speakers, hope this helps. Hey mate, yeah I use that site all the time, its so helpful! Luckily I won't have to cut out holes in my door panel as mine are already there with the factory speakers in. I think I might just go for it and buy some. Worst that can happen is ive wasted £30 lol. Im looking at these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Pioneer-TS-G1701i-17cm-170-Watt-Car-Audio-Speakers-/300270334428?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Audio_TV_Electronics_In_Car_Entertainment_GPS_Car_Speakers_PP&hash=item45e981b1dc have ya ? thumbs up from me on those pioneer dude, make some top stuff and 30quid aint bad at all, keep us posted