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  1. haha yeah maybe your a little too tall for one i would say 6 foot 3'' is going to be the max for a 5.
  2. Na not so much on this one want to keep it really clean. its got 146bhp stock and mine weighs spot on a tonne so power to weight is spot on too. SimonPG how tall are you I'm 6'1 and not a small build and there's loads of room in the mk2s/mk2.5s just not in the mk1s
  3. I only drove down one time lol Yeah i was rather busy at the start of the day and that seemed to be the only time i was soba so i didnt make it too far haha
  4. haha thats because it needs work still big plans for this ride though let you know the rocker is flaked covered at the moment ;) Here's my recent feature on JDYmotorsport http://jdymotorsport.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/jonnos-5/
  5. Is that a challenge? :P lol power crazy man!!!! get back on topic MOD!! lol
  6. You can't ban me!!! lol mr2 don't slide very well lol camber and aggressive offsets are what hellaflush style is anyone been on there site or stancenation/stanceworks? :D
  7. Its all about stance for this ride just want the front air dam and skirts then thats the outside done. and moving onto more power!!!!!!!
  8. Ha i wasnt going to be on a toyota stand anyway as i own SWJCC so we have our own stand this year :D
  9. So do i but i can't lower the back anymore as the Locking rings will be hitting the drive shaft and no point in lowering the front as i don't want any rake. Or do you mean skirts and lips? as there on the way ;)
  10. Yeah i was thinking about the Lex white but as my friend is getting the Honda white in for my other friends car he will do it cheaper for me having that colour. ooooo yes it will be haha in a car thats not very heavy aswell
  11. Yeah Speed is loads more fun now keep up with my friends EP3 rather easy. got a supercharger planned for next year. Also a full respray in Honda championship white :D
  12. If you do only buy the RBRs not the RBs as RBs look cack they have near to no dish and have banana spokes lol oh and rubbish offsets. thanks for the comments guys when i got my mx i got into the whole Hellaflush style and im loving it! your see me at JAE on the SWJCC stand so pop over if any of you are going.
  13. Thanks madvinegaz ;) & because its faster RWD and i don't really think it looks like a woman car anymore really also loads more stuff for it.
  14. I know its not a corolla but i wanted to show you what my current project looks like and seeing as most of you know me i wanted to show you it :D What you think??
  15. You're back! YAY How yer been? Ha im not really back with the corolla but i was just popping in to say hello :D
  16. Looking really good man keep it up :D just space out the wheels about 10mm :P hella yeah!!!
  17. Thanks guys im sure i will see some of you soon anyway eg at jae :)
  18. yeah would off been the better idea to sell the bits on but i just wanted to sell up quick so was sold as seen to the garage so no parts going peed off i didn't save the old sway bar i would of got a few bob for my whiteline one on here!!
  19. Just wanted to say good bye to you all as i have now got myself a MK2.5 MX5 1.8 2004 reg wanted one for a long time and now i have some rear wheel play time :) Like to say thank you to everyone on here thats helped me out with anything i need it with and hope to see some one join on here with my car ha that would be cool :)
  20. haha i love it and like Msprince said i got loads of attention.
  21. Whats the best pads for the rollas and is the 1.4 the same as TS? best place to buy???? Thanks jonno!
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