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  1. Nice mx 5. Have you got any plans for any crazy paint jobs? (as seen on your rolla) lol

    What power does it push out? rwd sounds fun.

    Na not so much on this one want to keep it really clean.

    its got 146bhp stock and mine weighs spot on a tonne so power to weight is spot on too.

    SimonPG how tall are you I'm 6'1 and not a small build and there's loads of room in the mk2s/mk2.5s just not in the mk1s

  2. i still think it could go lower :P very tasty

    So do i but i can't lower the back anymore as the Locking rings will be hitting the drive shaft and no point in lowering the front as i don't want any rake.

    Or do you mean skirts and lips? as there on the way ;)

  3. Yeah i was thinking about the Lex white but as my friend is getting the Honda white in for my other friends car he will do it cheaper for me having that colour.

    ooooo yes it will be haha in a car thats not very heavy aswell

  4. If you do only buy the RBRs not the RBs as RBs look cack they have near to no dish and have banana spokes lol oh and rubbish offsets.

    thanks for the comments guys when i got my mx i got into the whole Hellaflush style and im loving it! your see me at JAE on the SWJCC stand so pop over if any of you are going.

  5. Just wanted to say good bye to you all as i have now got myself a MK2.5 MX5 1.8 2004 reg wanted one for a long time and now i have some rear wheel play time :)

    Like to say thank you to everyone on here thats helped me out with anything i need it with and hope to see some one join on here with my car ha that would be cool :)

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