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  1. Hi you can adjust the sat nav volume from the steering wheel when the sat nav is speaking
  2. Hi I had the same on my 2016 gen 4 they failed to do the HHC 3 times it turned out to be a faulty lead on the tester it did however put 3 instances of HHC failure on the Toyota portal which the dealer cannot remove so it is up to you to contact Toyota portal to get them removed it took two months
  3. Hi I have been using external TPMS sensors for the last 5 years on 4 cars and have not noticed any detrimental effects on the valve stems
  4. Hi Douglasheld the picture from MRPJ is exactly the two I have
  5. Hi I have a aftermarket TPMS fitted to my Gen4 Prius the dash unit is solar powered the tyre sensors are battery it came with a tool to open the sensor it is far better than the manufactures system as it gives a audible warning as well as visual (Toyota warning is visual only over on the passenger side and does not tell you which tyre is faulty )so in my mind is totally useless I fitted the same on to my wife's car and am just as satisfied with that one
  6. Hi I did as the dealer every time they made a mistake on the portal (one time the car had 1500 miles less than the year before )each time they said they could not alter what was on the portal and it was up to me to do it so they were very unhelpful it seemed to me if the portal was wrong so often what was the point of having it .
  7. Hi the intermediate service is 10,000 miles the Hybrid health check is done as well at the same time at no extra cost .If you need to change anything on the Toyota Portal you have to contact them provide proof of the error and after a few weeks they will change any incorrect information on the site .I have had to do this on every service for incorrect mileages/service information and recall work done .
  8. Hi meant to say Road sign recognition was useless
  9. Hi don't rely on the speed camera warning it is not fit for purpose being wrong 60% of the time
  10. Hi where did you get the information about never turning off the car if the ice is running I have never heard of this and I have been driving a Prius since 2007
  11. Hi I had to wait 500 miles to retest my prius after failing the Hybrid health test 4 times only to find it was a faulty lead on the tester that was at fault I had to contact the Toyota Portal to remove the 4 extra entry's automatically put in my records by the dealer
  12. Hi as its a 2016 is it not still under warranty
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