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  1. Hi David because of its position think it would be difficult to get a good finish (High gloss black) but thanks for the input
  2. Hi I have thought of painting it or dipping but in order to do it it would have to be removed and that would be a last resort but it could happen if I cannot get the right part
  3. Hi I did find one in china but it fitted like OJ glove but if I do find one will be glad to let you know
  4. Hi I have just changed the white steering wheel cover and white gear leaver to black but am unable to get the gen 4 Prius Center console applique cover except from the USA where they want more for postage (£80) than the cost of the item ,is there anywhere in the UK which can supply one.
  5. Hi i think that the cross climate 2 is the name of the tyre not the number of tyres
  6. Hi how about reversing up to some bushes it should slam on the brakes when too close my Prius does
  7. Hi at 70 years old not the fastest driver around but do keep up 60 to 65 the car was 2 up with luggage
  8. Hi High mileages are possible
  9. HI the paint on Toyotas is very soft so scratches easily also watch out for bird lime it can eat through the paint very quickly
  10. ian rooke

    No HUD!

    Hi Have you pressed the HUD button more then once to cycle through its functions 1 is off 2 is speedo 3 is speedo and eco meter
  11. Hi as a safety system very good, if like me your garage is only 75mm longer than the car essential
  12. Hi how old is the 12v battery it could be past its best
  13. Hi why would you change the oil (£38) and leave almost a 1/2litre of dirty oil in the filter seems short sighted to me
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