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  1. hi the dust caps have a locknut and spanner supplied
  2. Hi most standalone TPMS units are battery powered or solar so no wires mine is mounted at the top of the screen right in the corner so hardly noticeable but easily seen and heard
  3. Hi on the Prius mk 4 no also no warning buzzer so have a stand alone solar powered TPMS which tells me what tyre and what the fault is
  4. Hi for a long time I have been saying how bad the road sign assist is, so to remove something that is right 99% of the time for something that is wrong 60% of the time is a sign of the contempt us car users are held in by car manufacturers.
  5. Hi have you checked if any lights like the boot light are on it can flatten the 12v battery in less than 5hours (very small battery) also how old is it if you get more than 5 years out of it you are doing well.
  6. air bag at the back car seat ? please explain
  7. HI is your car a hybrid if it is then the traction battery only charges to 80%to lengthen the life of the battery I would not try to take the voltage of the traction battery (200 volts) with a voltmeter set to 20 volts or less
  8. Hi I was talking about the repair kit where you repair the the puncture with a plug not the sealant which I have always carried for years I don't think it is safe to have a amateur plug the tyre and then drive for miles on it
  9. Hi I would be careful about using that Slime tyre repair on the road as it looks like its for off road use only and may not be legal to use on road
  10. Sorry i was referring to the question "are manufactures MPG figures possible" on occasion they are as you can see, the reading was at 95 mpg before I hit a long hill just before my destination
  11. Sorry power failure screwed up image hope this works as you can see you can get to manufactures figures but things have to be perfect this was a trip round the M25 two passengers and luggage so could be slightly improved upon
  12. answer to the original question was up to 95 mpg before a long hill
  13. Hi be aware if you cancel the service contact some providers take a sizeable fee or doing so.
  14. Hi you are correct so you will have to look for another reason I am afraid
  15. if the system works on the road sign recognition you have nothing to worry mine recorded a 120 mile speed limit today on the A130