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  1. ian rooke

    Beep beep

    Hi beep works on my Prius even when not using the Sat Nav
  2. Hi you can get a wireless charging case for the SE
  3. hi pull up slowly to a wall when 3 or 4 inches away it should slam the brakes on mine is tested every day as the garage is only 3 inches longer than the car
  4. Hi as you say the Sat Nav has to speak over the radio ,Usb,Cd so that part works as it should but turn off the radio Usb Cd the system does not lower the volume as it did in previous models as it has nothing to speak over
  5. Hi my Gen 4 has the same problem I have complained to Toyota they are not interested my previous Gen3 and Lexus ct 200 did not have this fault so the touch 2 and go is a step backwards .
  6. Hi unable to download as I am being told I already have it.
  7. HI Pete thanks for the information about changing the adaptive cc to ordinary cc I did not know that though why I would use it like that baffles me .
  8. Hi trying holding the stalk down of up for 2 seconds and it should jump in 5 mph increments
  9. Hi not much good if your rear ended
  10. Hi Recall done took 1 1/2 hours including washing, not to bad !
  11. hi Just booked Prius in for wiring harness fault told it will take 2 1/2 hours seems a little bit more extensive than sleeving round a cable !.
  12. Hi oh joy its back to Toyota for another recall
  13. have you checked the fuses for a blown one
  14. Hi when I updated to 6.11.0wl the screen showed invalid activation code before I had even entered it, upon entering it it loaded this also happened when updating to 6.10.0wl