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  1. hi the increased resistance of the extension lead will drop the voltage at the charger which will decrease the current available to charge the car as it is lost in heating the extension lead
  2. Hi unfortunately the original poster has said he cannot open the door with the key
  3. Hi how do you get access to the engine bay if you cannot open the doors ?
  4. Hi there is a video which shows you how to fit roof bars for a Toyota
  5. Hi on the roof bars for my Prius I used them to protect the paintwork where the clamp goes under the gutter
  6. Thanks Joseph D took the car out for a 20 minute drive turning on and off 3 times and faults cleared one by one, good to know though
  7. Just tried ti start my Gen 4 prius 12 v battery is flat ,started car with battery pack car started but I have 2 warnings .pre-crash fault and hybrid fault is there any way to reset or is it a dealer fix .I assume it is just a reset problem
  8. ian rooke


    Thanks Flash22 and Kithmo looks like the worst you will get is a buzzer going off so safe to drive
  9. ian rooke


    thanks Flash22 unfortunately It still only says there is a recall not what it is
  10. ian rooke


    Hi according to Toyota my 2016 Prius is due for a recall does anyone know what it is for so I can know if it is safe to use the car, the recall site tells you only that it has a recall not what it is for .
  11. ian rooke


    Hi does anyone know if Toyota intend to let the servicing (in order to maintain the warranty )slide I understand that the showrooms are shut but the workshops are not, allowing servicing of emergency workers cars but not the general public
  12. Hi thecar will turn on and off as and when required according to the settings eg heating / charge
  13. Hi I found a company which cuts a protective non reflective film to the exact size of your screen it helps with the glare and keeps the screen clean of fingerprints https://www.protectionfilms24.com/
  14. Hi on those numbers is it not 51 mpg
  15. hi in Britain we mostly replace new or reconditioned rarely repair it is very hard to get parts here