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  1. Have you been able to fix it? And what is the regulator?
  2. Thanks, so the “stationairy bug” could be a thing of the ecu learning? I never had it with my older (pre 2002) cars.
  3. Ok, so I ordered a battery for 50 euros (44 pounds) and hurray, it fits. and yes, the engine starts. only one thing. Stationairy the engine runs at 300 rpm. The car stood stll for 90 days, so it could be mess in the engine. so i went for a 10 mile ride and now the engine runs statonairy at 800/900 rpm again. all looks fine!
  4. Thanks. I want to replace it myself, what kind of equipment do i need? It is just a matter of unplugging the negative first, then postive and then a few screws? i don’t need some special long screw?
  5. The original one that installed is made in Japan by Panasonic. it is this one http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/p_E_2009_TOYOTA_IQ_KGJ10L-BGMNGW_8201.html?utm_source=ToyotaOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks I know that Toyota now uses another one for exchange, but I can’t seem to find the exact size of it. That is why I am asking which one will fit.
  6. Well, the already fitted one costs 720 euro (panasonic). i am lookinh for a cheap one, I am in Holland. so, will it fit?
  7. Will this one fit my 2009 iq 1.0 68 hp iq? https://www.auto-onderdelen24.nl/energizer/7813808
  8. So, now I have driven 199,000 km and my iQ still starts, same 9,5 year old factory sparks!
  9. https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B4bpjzCIfWZefkUzaFpiM1U0RXZ4QXc3OERjb1RHSnF4LTdtaWVlYThmRnJodVA0Vk5vZ3M?usp=sharing here you are. Please let me know how you are gonna repair your window, a friend of mine has the same problem with her IQ , caused by bad construction of Totota (window rubbers)
  10. Ask this guy to help you, he is a real pro! Put your iPad in the IQ and play this video with the front of the iPad facing towards your broken AC
  11. Thanks Marc. What kind of diagnostics will I be able to read? Just the basics?
  12. Hi, will one of these fit into my 2009 IQ and will I be able to read stuff with my phone? http://www.ebay.com/itm/V2-1-Mini-ELM327-OBD2-II-Bluetooth-Diagnostic-Car-Auto-Interface-Scanner-Top-/262718611489?hash=item3d2b3fe021:g:YxcAAOSwr2RYKZlz http://www.ebay.com/itm/ELM327-OBD2-II-Bluetooth-Auto-Car-OBD2-Diagnostic-Interface-Scanner-Tool-BG-/121931285706?hash=item1c63abc4ca:g:50QAAOSwX61ZLIWf