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  1. Will do! Probably in another 3 years! Ha ha! Hello Dave! Yes, I probably did.... I did like to deal out the punishments, mainly because all the blokes liked it, but I digress.... I'll tell Lord Vadar you said hi! ;) Dank Kingo, ich werde in Kontakt bleiben! (Auch ich danke Ihnen Google Translate!) Yes Steve, the Carlo Blue Crew were good times, and I do miss my old Yaris very much (sometimes I could do with the extra 20 bhp!) I don't remember my parking being that bad (or that good! lol) but meets were always a blast, unfortunately I'm too busy to even consider them any more, but I'll always remember the good old days and the side-splitting fun we all had. Rihanna's 'Umbrella' will forever remind me of TOC'07 when all it did was rain! And I don't drive a German car yet, will probably be September/October-time before I change as my parents are having the Aygo so I wanted to get it serviced and MOTd before they have it. I didn't just want to sell it to any old Tom, D1ck or Harry :P You never know, I might hate my new Audi/VW.... I doubt it though! I was most impressed with the DSG gearbox in the VW I test drove last weekend ;). I might pop back once I've bought it to show you some pics (and hopefully you won't throw anything at it! lol)
  2. I think it's been about 3 years since my last login! Nice to still see some familiar names on here but so many new names too! Gone is the old blue Invision forum too I see! Loving the new design! Anyway, it looks like this year will be my last year driving a Toyota. It's been almost 10 years since I joined this forum (crazy, huh!) and almost 10 years since buying my first Yaris. Since then I've bought another Yaris and my current Aygo and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Toyota experience. This forum has given me some great times in the past, I've met some amazing people, a few of whom I still consider to be good friends. I've been given amazing advice (and hopefully dealt out amazing advice in return, although a little unlikely! lol). I spent a few years as a moderator, which was, on the whole an interesting foray into the world of forum politics but also taught me that not everything on a forum is as simple as it seems. I have a serious amount of respect for anyone who becomes a moderator - treat them nicely, they deserve it! I also spent quite a while as the person with the largest number of forum posts (although I expect that's no longer the case), mainly because I talked quite a lot of ****! But I think I'm mainly known as being full of useless information, I hope my title of TOC Trivia Queen is still standing! lol But I felt it right to come back one last time, to say some hellos and some goodbyes. It looks like I'll be moving over to VAG later on this year, either Audi or VW (not made up my mind properly yet!). I've loved my little Aygo. Kai is still trundling along almost 6 years after I bought him, but I need something bigger with a few more toys and the current crop of Toyotas don't inspire me like they once did. I never would have said that 3 years ago. I was Toyota forever! Nevertheless I'm grateful to Toyota for 10 years of wonderful driving memories and grateful for TOC for the meets, the JAEs, the CAEs, the BBQs, the people and the laughs and if the VAG lot are half as welcoming, I'll consider myself a very lucky lady indeed! I keep up with a lot of the old TOC lot on Facebook, but if you remember me and you think I'll remember you, say hey!
  3. Hi guys n gals The rumours are indeed true - I shall be showing my face at a Toyota Owners Club event! lol You forgot Tony on the list Les - don't forget he's coming with me! Tonys food: Pate Beef Chocolate tart My food: Stilton filo parcels Duck Cheesecake I do have a very good excuse for being late considering I don't log on much anymore and poor Les has to track me down wherever I may be - don't ever hack him off, I swear he could find a needle in a haystack! I've tried to hide and everything! lol I haven't paid a deposit, because Les told me I could go for free! Some sort of compensation for all my years of receiving abuse on TOC or something.... lol Look forward to seeing you guys! x
  4. Not abandoning as such but I heard of a group of kids in Coventry who were pelting snowballs at cars and when someone stopped and got out to have a go at them, they'd shout to another bunch of kids to "nick their motor" while the engine was running.... Dunno if they ever accomplished this though..... What wonderful young people!
  5. I live in the middle of a hill and couldn't get up it this morning due to sheet ice.... going down would have been suicide, people were just sliding straight into main road traffic! Our road is a popular through-road for two major A roads and we have a school at the top as well, all the school children thought the sliding cars were cool! lol Worked from home for a few hours until someone with a 4x4 came and picked me up! Oh and then the council decided to grit the hill..... bit too late for that after the school-run Thankfully no serious accidents, just a few shunts and bumps.....
  6. My Dad is 60 in 2 years and has said he doesn't want to be a Grandad before..... I'll be 30 by that point and his eldest child. lol Don't pressurise, my Dad doesn't which is probably why I'm so chilled about the whole marriage & baby lark.... :D
  7. Congratulations Grandad! :D Hope mother and baby continue to be healthy and happy!
  8. Why would you buy one for 350k when, as Clarkson put it quite rightly, you can get something just as good, if not better.... cheaper?? It's not like Lexus are a prestige marque like Lamborghini or Ferrari that can pretty much put any price tag they want on a car and guarantee sales. I realise Lexus are making no money from these cars and they look and sound superb but they should have cut some serious costs if they expect people to actually want to buy the thing. I had such high hopes for this car and in the most part, they're either met or superceded, but the price is a big no-no. Even the richest potential buyer would rather turn up in a Lambo or a 'Rari than pull up at the executives bonus dinner in a Lexus. The target market won't want it and the ones that do couldn't afford it. :(
  9. I knight thee Sir NorfolknChance and Sir Dawsey, may god bless you and all who ride you..... No hang on..... that's not right.....?!?!?? Welcome to the team lads
  10. I'm off to Coventry to spend it with my beloved, cooking him a nice sea bass dinner and we have a few bottles of champagne too, will most likely watch a few blu-rays on the new player I got him for Christmas.... he's gone out and bought a few more since Christmas!
  11. Merry Christmas everyone! Time for parties and celebration, people dancing all night long, time for presents and exchanging kisses, time for singing christmas songs! ETJA x
  12. Neither do I......................"BBC radio will not play it as it contains offensive language".................was quoted tonight on BBC radio. But they play a censored version of Lily Allen! They played it on Radio 1 at 7.30 this morning.... albeit censored! Radio 1 have played it loads, so not sure who at BBC Radio said that.....
  13. I've got nothing against the lad who won the X Factor and I'm sure he's a nice enough chap.... I think Cowell was quick to pull out the "bullying" card earlier on this week claiming the Facebook group was "bullying" the winner of the X Factor..... absolutely not true. This is not about that lad, this is about the charts and Cowells reign over them and the monotonous yearly cover version that that X Factor winner pulls out of the bag. This is the people saying "We don't want another awful cover version as Christmas Number One", the people spoke, I hope Cowell gets off his money-stained throne and listens. Because the only person who does and will ever benefit from the X Factor, it's winners (and it's losers) is Simon Cowell. I personally didn't want his smug grin all over the papers with the 5th X-Factor Xmas No.1..... so Rage Against The Machine was a blessing. I'm glad I downloaded it, I'm glad it went to Number One and most importantly of all, I'm glad to be supporting a worthy charity (Shelter) which all the royalties are going towards, rather than lining Cowells pockets, because quite frankly, he doesn't need the money. And to all those cynics who said you couldn't take on the X Factor and win, we proved you wrong as well. People power does work. Maybe next year Simon Cowell will actually be interested in singer/songwriters and a truly original stab at the Christmas Number One..... an X Factor winner NOT doing a cover, absurd! Or is it?
  14. Looks like a fun night, sorry I couldn't make it over in the morning..... lets just say I'd had very little sleep and I was suffering quite a lot. Damn the free bar! ;) I was really sad to miss the TOC Party, I've not missed one in 4 years but hopefully will be able to make next years, so long as it's planned well in advance so I can actually make the date..... busy social calendar and all that
  15. Roughly what time do you guys plan on heading back - my hotel will kick me out at 11am-ish so I'll head over to Sibson from Ullesthorpe (literally like 15 miles) then, but obviously not much point if you'll all have gone!
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