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  1. well trhings are taking a turn in a different direction.Got hold og the new orings [thanks for the info) tHe fault which appeared after a lot of wheel spinning during the icy weather back in jan was the brake pedal being very spongy and going to the floor is still there after fitting the new master cylinder So the fault must lie with abs unit, that seems pretty llikely using google,valves in the abds unit are sticking not allowing a solid pedal.The abds light isnt on and the abs action works. Is their any means of accessing the ABS ecus fault code system using flash codes of the ABS light to see if light can be shed on it?
  2. thank you for the information my local toyota dealer was useless. On further investigation the fault lay with the new master cylinder a pagid unit from euro car parts. The bores where the tubes on the reservoir sit are .8mm larger than the original causing a no seal state so the unit as gone back. I think its the dealers for this one,though I fear I need a comfy chair when I get the price any info on what the dealers might charge?
  3. Could anybody point me in the right direction. Ive just replaced the brake master cylinder on my neighbours 2000 avensis vvti,a pagid unit from euro car parts The two o rings that seal the reservoir to the master cylinder had no replacements with the new master cylinder, so I put the old ones back that are weeping. Ive tried the dealers but they cant help in tracking down new orings which I find strange,are there any good brake specialists out there that may be able to help
  4. just a quick one Im trying to find all the fusebox locations on my neighbours 56 plate avensis dcat Ive had a quick look in the forums can any body help cheers ian
  5. Solved It was the immobilizer not canceling,tried the spare key and all is well.
  6. The car wasn't as snappy on starting prior to this,so maybe clutch dust or its just knackered,do you have any tests to run on it? cheers
  7. My neighbors normally trusty avensis as sudden turned in to a non starter. I haven't had much time to look at it,but there is no spark from all 4 coil packs,and no signal getting to to the fuel injectors. Fuel pressure is fine,seems the ecu isn't receiving a signal from a particular sensor,or the ecu itself as packed up,no fault codes. Just wondering if somebody else as come across this problem and might be able to shed some l light on it cheers Ian
  8. my neighbors x reg avensis vvti on which I do the servicing, as a very poor,to abysmal handbrake,needing quite a hard pull for it to really bite. Adjusting it I have got it to 4 clicks. I have had all the handbrake shoes off, and checked everything, but nothing stands out,ie nothing seized/rusted in. Next thing would be replacing the cables,I don't want to jump in head first with this and find it as made no difference.Iam wondering if the handbrake on this model is just not very good,or is a poor handbrake a common problem with this model, that can be fixed by replacing the cables etc
  9. Ive got a refund in the works,certainly won't be going to them again.What would you charge its the bank 1 sensor 1 lambda cheers Ian
  10. I fitted a non genuine lambda sensor to my 2000 Avensis 6 months ago that as just given up the ghost. Should have fitted the genuine thing but the price is a bit steep,now £175 inc vat anyone know of a genuine parts source for less money? cheers Ian
  11. Ive never come across any other japanese cars, with a bad oil burning problem like this,roughly 2 litres per 500 miles. Its something I would never expected from a toyota car at just 60k,so it is a fundamental design flaw that somebody needs a clip round the ear for. I think toyota should admit their mistake and sort out all the cars regardless of age etc as a gesture of goodwill,for instance volvo would have repaired this problem at the drop of a hat.
  12. Ive just stumbled across this irritating oil burning problem that these cars are prone to while working on my neighbours 2000 avensis VVT-I. Unfortunately he has no service history and its well out of warranty,approaching toyota uk got him no where, so Im trying to get hold of contact details for the toyota head office in japan. Anyone happen to know an email address for them. cheers
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