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  1. 06aygo

    Aygo Audio

    the radio is a dodle to do just swap the red and yellow wires around as for the door speakers make sure you fit the doo membrains properly as i didnt and ended up with a leaky car ( not good i can tell you )
  2. I have hankooks and have so far done 35k on them with a fair few traffic light races and they still have 3 mm on them
  3. I have done 72k and own a 06 plate aygo. The longest trip I have been on is from Leicester to Beuzeville France and used just 4 bars love the car
  4. Hi people i have a 06 plate aygo and after the clutch broke last month ( the diaphram snapped ) and getting it repaired at a cost of £300 i have a hard time getting it in to 1st or 2nd gear when slowing down!!! any ideas on what it could be
  5. hi guys i need some help with some wheels i have i was told they are starlet GT/ Galanza wheels. any help would be good ta they have a part number on them and are genuine toyota items, the toyota number is pz406-e9670 they are 6.5x14 with et42 stamped on them
  6. i may have a brand new set i was going to put on my aygo will post a pic soon they are 6.5x14
  7. gotta say i love my aygo yeah you get problems but all cars do. cheap to run ( when im not revving the nuts off it ) cheap to insure and as of april cheaper still to tax what more could i want :group-cuddles: best of all not a single leak in sight but then again it is a 3 door
  8. whats the biggest size you can fit in the rear panels of a 3 door without big chunks of fibreglass being added? i would like 6.5 inch ones but im worried they wont fit
  9. is there any differance fir the aygo steel wheel nuts as compared to the ones for cars with alloys??? i want to fit alloys but the wheel nuts cost more than the wheels £5 per wheel nut. now im not stupid but i can get genuine locking nuts for £15 a set....
  10. i have noticed this rust too and was told to get real as it was a stone chip by my Toyota garage luckily i work in the trade and one of the dealers are Toyota approved so I'm going to get a second opinion from them. not good though on a 06 plate car
  11. my father in law has bangered 2 of those
  12. i have some unkown wheels that i was told were for a starlet and wonder if these are what you require will post a pic as soon as i have worked out how to...
  13. 06aygo


    Hi Rnine When you get the car home give it a wax with some autoglym as the dealers always use the cheapest polish/wax they can get from suppliers like autosmart ect. Then just wash the car every 2 weeks or so just to keep it looking nice and wax it about every month depending on how much it is used. As a general rule i wash my car every week and wax it once a month but i do use my aygo every day and do about 600 miles a month in it to and from work but then again i do have the tools to do it at work that makes it easier for me to do. Doing this means you can keep your eye on s
  14. 14x6.5 ET42 185/55/14 tyres no rubbing yet!!
  15. 06aygo


    if you like i could send you some supagard for free !! just pm me your details interior spray included i throw the stuff away as they give you more than you need as a valeter
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