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  1. Hi all, I,m raising this Item here again to see if anybody has had any further work or info regarding this recall by Toyota. I am still waiting to hear from them regarding my car which has had a Tow Sure Tow bar fitted by a franchisee. I intend contacting Toyota main dealer again as it was well before Christmas they told me I should wait for a letter from them.
  2. Hi to all, has anybody had their car checked under this recall yet? I am still waiting for contact from Toyota. Main dealer said originally I should hear from them via letter within 3 weeks or so. It,s well past that time now. I intend contacting dealer again to chase it up.
  3. I received an e-mail recently from Toyota advising me to contact my Toyota dealer to get my Tow Bar checked due to the risk of cracking. Has anybody else any info or had theirs done?
  4. I wonder if this will affect my insurance? I suppose it will take somebody having an accident and claiming before we find out. I wonder if we should still be driving the car. I rang RMB Toyota at Stockton today and they said it would be three weeks before they get the information from Toyota to enable them to carry out the checks / repairs and I should wait until I get a letter from Toyota (RMB) before trying to book the car in for the necessary work / check.
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