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  1. Just checked my email box sorry I have not replied to you Dangerous brian, I would like to go but am afraid you may take the mick out of my very slow calibra! I so want a supra when I go to one of the meets....
  2. Tim just looked at your links didnt know there was so many supra members in the area! :o Just cant wait to buy mine and join the gang!
  3. Cheers for all your imput guys, but I am afraid to say that the purchase of my supra fell thru... boo hoo! So I am interested in buying a NA preferably black, dark grey, blue or silver.
  4. cheers guys for the info, just brought my first mk 4 today, test drove and the power delivery is very nice although the guy selling it had a K&N 57i induction kit which I think is not the best thing to put on these.. ( warm air in engine senario ). So I am hoping to source the origanal air intake box for it.
  5. Just curious how much do u want for your car? you dont have any prices on your website
  6. Ok, Toyota Fans! What do you think I can get out of my NA supra, and what sort of mods would I need to do this? I would love to hear from any of you who have experimented! Mal
  7. The telephone no: you supplied on this advert is not right I have called you, I am interested whereabouts are you in the country?
  8. Hiay guys and girls, I am defecting from Vauxhalls! I am in the market for a 93 TT supra which I think is a mark 4? could you tell me if there are any normal sort of niggly problems with these cars like RUST or any engine problems? Mal
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