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    hello can any body help me with the DTC P0755,how can i rezolve this problem the car it is a Rav 4 with some problems with the automatic gearbox it have excesive shock when i put the car in reverse and almost no shock when i sift in drive, in drive it works verry slowly and in 2L position i feel some shocks
  3. [hy there please tell me how did you rezolve this DTC P1251
  4. thank`s Marama the car have just 7.000miles no warning lights yet no fuel filter and i will check the rest to see if there is some problems
  5. did you solve the priblem or not yet?
  6. hi marama32 thanks but thouse links are for another problem my problem is on a avensis 2000 gasoline engine with automatic transmission
  7. i have 2.0 D4 gasoline engine with automatic transmision and the engine stops during driving can enybody help me with this problem . the engine is stopping when i`m in drive and sometimes i have low rpm ?can enybody help me with this problem ?
  8. Hi Paul can you tell me what tipe of engine you have ? is your engine tipe 2AD? if your engine is 2AD there my by have a rezolve of your problem
  9. when did you notice that if you drive your car in H without center diff loked the car dose not move?
  10. no brake failure recals for this quind of problem toyota say that you should replace the brake caliper but you can order a repair kit for the brake calpier and if it is nesesarly you can order and brake calpier pistons with thouse you can repair you brake caliper
  11. ok thank1s a lott i decided to change all4 injectors will see if this will solve the problem
  12. so you say that if i change the fuel pump i will fix my car? dose anybody else have this problem how did fix this problem
  13. the car is around 45000 miles and it is from 2008
  14. i have a LANDCRUISER 3000 D4D and the mil comes on and engine stops .on the diagnossis tool the DTC is P0093 can sombody help me with this problem ?
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