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  1. Not as nice as your rolla Paul that's my favourite Model of all the rollas. But the Jazz will do for now.
  2. Hi all hows it going, just an update on the Honda. 5 weeks in owning the jazz and no regrets. I miss the LIFT of the Corolla but not the cost of owning it. The little honda is giving great savings on fuel. The Corolla last off was costing £66.00 to fill up from empty and was giving back about 240 miles. The Honda is costing £46.00 to fill up from empty and is giving back average 260 miles around town, had as much as 300 miles using it on motorway runs. I can't get over how good it is, it's a great little car and it seems to ride and handle better than the standard Pre-Facelift T-Sport. All the best TTFN
  3. Well folks it's been fun but time to go the T-Sport has gone. Sorry if I have rubbed a few of you up the wrong way but it was all in jest. To be honest glad to see the back of the car good bit of fun but you soon get bored with it and to high maintenance. The last straw was the seat going so the kids couldn't get in without tripping over, nightmare. Anyway had a lovely Honda Jazz SE Sport 5 door 1 owner and service history through Honda only a 1.4 but 40 mpg around town and £115.00 a year to tax so quite a saving on the T-Sport. All the best to you and enjoy the LIFT
  4. Thanks Luke have not been able to get to grips with this new layout.
  5. Hi all trying to find the topics on the seat pins, another one bites the dust, will tilt but not slide. Question, when other members seats have gone is it just the pins ? On mine there was a little red plastic clip in the subframe that broke aswell is this a common thing to go aswell and if the pins are repaired will the seat work because the red plastic clip will still be broken. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Get your facts right I have not said anything of the sort about being pointless or looking stupid. Feel free to do with your car what you will it just seems a waste of four perfectly good seats if you cant carry passengers
  7. I don't get it. Why so low ? You must not be able to carry any passengers the car would rub on the floor .
  8. Tuff choice to make ! Not a big fan of these additives as cars I have used them on in the past have rattled as if the engine is going to fall apart after using them. But it sounds as if you might not have any other choice but to try it. Good luck sounds as if you need it. Have you considered the fact that you might have dodgy lift bolts if the car wasn't serviced properly and lift was being used was it getting enough oil to prevent damage.
  9. Don't use the flush. Run the oil for a few thousand then change again.
  10. They work off the screen you will know if heated or not in the morning when they are clouded over put the screen on and if they clear job done if not tuff luck.
  11. Pitty the colour is staying it's the worst part ! It's so drab and boring
  12. Worked out the profile picture part they are different sizes from the last version of this site will need to be resised to a minimum of 200 x 200 px mine used to be 150 x 150 px By the way mistermena the gravatar icon might pop up on a few more profiles you can use it for an option now for photos but if no photo is added when ticked it gives you the gravatar icon as i found out Hope this helps.
  13. How come some profile pictures are showing up and some are not ? I have changed mine a few times and nothing is happening. Cannot get it up
  14. at least your avatar and gif show up mine don't I stand corrected the signature is showing now.
  15. Only just getting used to this site after the last change why this even worse layout again ? Anyone else keep getting a box popping up asking for user name and password ? Also seems to block the images on users posts.
  16. Just sounds like the normal rattly ts box to me not the quietest of cars that way.
  17. Nearly as bad as the wind deflectors Wind Deflectors are there for purpose, Lexus lights however... You said "nearly" which is acceptable KP I don't mind the look of wind deflectors but not for my car As has been said a thousand times before it's that each to their own thing
  18. If it's the E12 it should have adaptive power steering that gets heavier the faster you go.
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