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  1. cheers mate! Gmax Springs cost me £110, found them really good so far, still very comfortable! :D
  2. just wonderin if its possible to edit a topic title one you start a topic? Thanks Hammy
  3. cheers man! yea the other one there is on 18's and stock suspension, really happy with her at the minute! sittin just how i want!] not too sure on much more at the minute, might get a light tint on the back 3, and gotta get fog light bulbs to match in with the hid's! apart from that nothin much at the minute!
  4. sorry havent updated in a while but here is a picture filled one! got my self a new silverline rotary and started a bit of a detail on the rolla, was pretty cautious using the rotary for the first time tbh so i used a pretty light cut to take out surface swirls and blemishes and left the deeper stuff to another time in the future! heres some before and afters! before pretty swirly afters quite a bit better still some deeper marks but i just played it safe! so then after a bit of a clean up i bit the bullet and got myself a new set of wheels! kei racing fuji 17" really happy with them
  5. cheers man! :D the car is lowered around 35-40 mm on springs so i think with the 215/45/17 the ride height and stance should just be perfect! thanks again!
  6. Hi guys, am gettin a new set of wheels soon but not sure on which tyre to go for... at the minute im thinkin of goin with 215/45/17, but not sure if that will rub or anythin? any info would be mucho appreciated! thanks Hammy!
  7. no busy this weekend so aint gona be fit to make it up unfortunately! from just outside monaghan town mate! some spot! lol
  8. cheers mate! oh the wee e11 really was a super motor! did me so well for a first car! couldntve asked for more of it! ah man now i kinda miss it! lol and thanks too man for the good words! will hopefully get the wheels sorted within the next week or 2 and she'll be good to go and show!
  9. hello mate! yea well ive only had them in for a day now so theyre still settling but so far im really impressed with the gmax springs! ride comfort is still great imo, yes you feel the bumps but not in any bouncy/harsh way! hope this helps! and thanks for all the nice comments guys! cant wait to get a nice set of wheels and they will really set her off! Colin
  10. well i decided to have a bit of a change, was planning on something different but then i stumbled across another corolla! lol 02 t3 corolla, 75,000 miles with a full service history and really tight and sound! so tell us whatcha think! sorry about the crappy pic quality! here's the old rolla and moved on to the new! started detailing on saturday, got her de-tarred and clay barred and am waiting for my new polisher to arrive so we can start the paint correction! this was the average result on the claybar after each panel, 8 years worth of stuck on grime and crap! :S not bad considerin
  11. Hi just bought my corolla as my first car and love it! i spent all day today detailing it so heres the results, its nothing special but i like it!
  12. Congratulations welcome to the club mate what engine do you have the 1.4 or 1.6 sr? Brings back memories of when i had my 01 Its the 1.4 vvti, and its surprised me just how nippy she is once you rev it over 4000! cheers mate!
  13. Hello there i just bought a facelift e11 corolla as my first car and im loving it! So i thought i'd join the forum! Ill get a few pictures up after i give it a good detail tomorrow! Cheers
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