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  1. Just as a guide for you, I just paiid £286 for one fully fitted with twin electrics at a towbar fitting centre. I went to see the guy who did the work and he said it was the most difficult one he had ever fitted and he has fitted alot of different towbars in his time. Just thought I would mention it incase you are going to fit it yourself.


  2. Old thread revival.

    We've now had 3 years of painless motoring with our Verso since all the troubles but here we go again.

    The heater stopped working last week so bonnet up and, oh look, no water in the expansion tank. So I filled it to the full mark and left it at that.

    4 days later it's empty again. Here we go I thought, head gasket failure. I filled it up yesterday, drove it down to Dingles this afternoon and it lost half a tanks worth in 6 miles.

    The service manager there said there wasn't a lot that could be done as it's now 6 years old and out of warranty.

    I mentioned this forum and all its advice on this problem and the fact that I had phoned Toyota GB and that there was a possibility of an extended 'good will' warranty up to 7 years and 111,000 miles (ours has done 40,000) and he suddenly said "oh yes that's right". I have to pay for a diagnostic to the tune of £99.99 but it looks like Toyota will put a complete new engine in free of charge on the 4th October. Again fingers crossed as he said it would cost upwards of £2000 if Toyota won't pay. :hang:

  3. My 56 plate (30K Mile)2.2 D4D is sounding like a bag of spanners (and I think down on power) when its cold. After its been running for a few minutes (less than 5) it seems to get its act together & all is fine. If it was a petrol engine I'd say it was running on 3 cylinders !

    Its due a service in the next month & I cleaned the EGR out recently (which was new at the last service). Any clues as to what the issue might be?

    Just back from a 1600 mile round trip to France in it again & aside from this its running very well indeed.

    These are the same symptoms that ours had. Does it also rattle like hell as you pull away and a little low on MPG??

    We took ours in to MrT and they diagnosed faulty injectors. They were then replaced with the up rated, never to go wrong again type. :rolleyes: Fingers crossed.

    This is another common problem with the D4D according to the dealer.

    All under warranty thank god.

    Good luck,


  4. The tyre pressure sticker is on the inside of the lower glove box lid.

    My 2.2 d4d 140bhp does around 38mpg on the extra urban cycle and about 50mpg ish on a sensible motorway run and 46mpg ish on a proper motorway thrash. All the above figures are what the computer give me, not on manual workings out.

    Hope that helps,


  5. Oh dear Oh dear,

    Here we go again.

    We have just got back from a little run round the south of England and I think it was a close thing.

    About 100 miles in to the trip the engine started to do a little cough as we pulled out of round abouts in 2nd or 3rd gear. It felt like a wheel slip on a smooth wet manhole cover.

    This continued for the whole trip on about one in three roundabouts and then on the way home on the motorway there was a little hesitation when accelerating to over take every now and then.

    It's done exactly 1 month of mainly town work since we got it back from having new injectors and EGR valve clean out.

    This car is starting to be a pain and the warranty runs out in exactly 1 month from today.

    What do you think guys?

    It's going back in this Thursday.



  6. Can you not just amp the OEM H/U using RCA outputs and fit upgraded after maket Speakers and a small active sub.

    This should have the same effect as a high range H/U if a good system was used and you would still have the mpg/clock readout.

    Ofcouse, all this depends on the OEM H/U having RCA outputs.

    This is the route I will be taking on my Corolla and on my Verso. It is also the route I took on my MR2 Mk1 except I did replace the H/U.


  7. I painted my calipers on my Mk1 MR2 with white hammerite to match the car.

    I did the same with "old lolla" which is the same colour as yours but used silver smoothrite which I found to be quite a good match.

    I am a fan of Calipers matching the car or doing them back to the factory colour so that they look new but found this hard to acheive as it should be a very shiney metal colour.

    I had a go with a spray can but it just seems to go everywhere so found it much easier with a brush.

    I don't have a pic of lolla but this is one of the MR2. I also painted the lip of the disc back plate.


    Hope this helps you decide.


  8. Didn't I read somewhere on here that there is a control box or sensor somewhere under the throttle pedal that controls the throttle, cruise control and also is linked in to the brake lights (for cruise disengagement).

    May be this is not reading the throttle position so not accelerating or it could be another sensor or ecu problem.

    Just thinking outloud really but they are possibilities.


  9. Thanks for that Feodor,

    Did you just leave the Speakers that are in the dash.

    I suppose they are tweeters are they?

    I was thinking of putting a set of mid range Speakers in the front doors with tweeters on the dash, two ways in the rear doors and a small active sub in the boot. May be an Alpine swd 1600.

    Thats the kind of set up I have in my truck and it sounds awsome.

    Thanks for the size info, that was what I was after so I can start planning.



    P.S I can pronounce your name as it is the sam as my dad's boss. Clever old me. LOL :yahoo:

  10. Hello,

    Bod & Hamster here.

    We are in Norwich near the airport.

    We have 3 Toyota's, MR2 Mk1, Verso Tspirit D4D & Corolla T3 Colour Collection D4D.

    We would love to have a meet somewhere and have chats and lunch maybe.

    Hope it happens.

    Duxford seems ideal as it's right in the middle of the region.

    C U

    Bod & Hammie

  11. Hi,

    Well we got the car back yesterday from MrT after a new set of injectors and an EGR clean out (all under warranty) and it's like having the car when it was new.

    It's got loads of go and has no low end rattling/knocking. What a transformation.

    Dude behind the counter (service manager) says that they are probably going to put the EGR clean out in to the service schedule.

    Well happy!!!!

    Bod :yahoo:

  12. You had me thinking then, I cound'nt remember what the twist collar did as I never use it as the whole auto wiper thing drives me mad, so I went and got the handbook.

    This is what it says:-

    "You may adjust the automatic control sensitivity by twisting the automatic control adjuster in the "-" direction which requires more raindrop volume to start the wiper, or in the "+" direction, which requires less raindrop volume to start the wiper."

    So, today we both learnt something. LOL


  13. Hello,

    We have a '57 plate verso.

    The wiper stalk has 4 set positions and one "push up once for a wipe" position that is marked as "mist"

    The top position is off, next one down is auto/intermitent, next is permanent slow followed by permanent fast


    I don't know if yours is the same as it's a little older.

    Hope that helps.


    Damn, just read your post again and see I have answered it wrong.

    The answer is, I dont think there is a way of doing it manualy which is very annoying.

    Steering wheel I have no idea about, just be careful of the explosives in there.


  14. We have a 57 Verso 2.2 D4D and yesterday when my husband was cleaning the car he noticed the window tinting was coming off on the inside of one of the rear door windows :-O He has only ever cleaned the inside of the windows with a soft cloth and plain water. He called our Toyota Dealer this morning and of course they are not accepting that this is covered under our warranty and they are arguing that it must have been damaged!!! It most certainly has not been damaged (how would you damage the coating on the inside of a window anyway?) I'm sorry but we expect something like this to last the life of the car not less than 3 years - we are therefore gearing up for a fight grr! Has anyone else had this problem?


    We had peeling starting on our renault :yucky: rear window a few years ago and after a fight I had to concede that one of our little darlings had let the seat belt go with a little too nuch vigour and the buckle had hit the window and put the tiniest of chips on the film and that had started a run.

    Sorry to be the bearer of possible bad news.

    We have had alot of cars with privacy windows and the film has never peeled except in this case.



  15. Yep, still under warranty until September so I am going to have egr valve done at the same time, and ask them what happens after that as the fault has started during the warranty period.

    I'm hoping they will say they will honour the warranty until the fault is fixed even after the warranty but I doubt they will.



  16. Hi again,

    I have since found out that 3 Avesis's & 2 Lexus's in our company car fleet have had serious issues with egr vavles.

    The Lexus's are undergoing tests and the Avensis's, 1 had to have a whole new engine and 2 had to have new heads with improved breathing systems.(bearing in mind that most reps and managers never look under the bonnet, letalone clean out valves)

    It turns out that the egr valve is mounted on the inlet manifold, the carbon builds up, bits break off and go straight in to the head and mash the valves or go in to the cylinders and mash the piston rings.

    Isn't that joyus news.



  17. Hi,

    Yes we hit the moterway on a regular basis and always give it a good workout just because it's great fun.

    That is interesting about the run hot software. I hope they tell the owners coz that could really freak people out if the temp goes up for no reason and they havent read the hand book.



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