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  1. Wonder if disconecting the battery for a bit may reset it ?
  2. Ravi Shankar


    As it happens i can't help with any of your questions just wanted to say welcome :D
  3. I'm gobsmacked at the quoted price for hand brake cables
  4. Sounds way too much for me that does,excellent how to here from Anchorman i saved this as soon as i found it very straight foreward it is too. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=77297
  5. Please leave a window open if you leave your wife in the car remember wives can die in hot cars and a wife is for ever not just christmas :D
  6. Could be a number of things but i would let the dealer sort it for you that's what they are there for,can't understand why they didn't pick it up on the PDI,welcome from me too :)
  7. Excellent article have bookmarked that link may replace my fiddley battery cover clips with the screw type ones.
  8. Ravi Shankar

    Slight Bump

    Why can't you claim for whiplash if a police car rear ends you ?????
  9. I would spray the fuses etc with lots of WD 40 or damp start may help.
  10. For now like Anchorman said a good spraying of WD 40 and don't park it facing into the wind.
  11. Now the snow has gone any sign of the green stuff where the cars been parked ?
  12. Our Rav has been brilliant in the snow again this year it just seems to keep going where others stop.