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  1. Fair enough if you feel the extras would be useful, but to let everyone know, exterior mirrors on both iQ1's I've had are heated, not sure about the interior ones though. Again though, never had difficulty switching on lights when dark, or switching on wipers when it rains. If they were free then I'd have them. Why not release fog lights on international iQ's though?
  2. I have pictures showing the 2010 model's height adjuster for the driver. Also, what mpg are you getting and what previous cars have you had? Even when I've floored it (as much as you can for a 1ltr anyway) I get 50-51mpg.
  3. I'd be interested in a meet, am willing to drive far to a meet, but would it not be a good idea to meet more central in the UK possibly, like in the Midlands somewhere so that more people will be able to meet up. On previous car forums, places to meet have usually been large out of town shopping area's mid Sunday afternoon so that people can eat/shop as well as meet up. telecasterisation - Usually meet up and have a look at each others modifications, and then have a group photo of the people with their cars, so that everyone can put names to faces. Photo's also could involve arranging the cars for different photo's, all iQ1's together, all red. Could line them all up front to back etc. Other time I've gone to meets are near camp sites so that people can stay over. Would have to be on a weekend for me to come where-ever it is, as I always work Mon-Fri, and as the meet will more than likely have to arrange to sleep over somewhere.
  4. I see 2 same cars in different colors (and different seats)but no 1 or 2's Hi both. The red and white are the iQ1 model, just that the red one is the 2010 model with the slightly different door cards and height adjustable driver seat. I couldn't justify paying extra for the alloys that I don't like, climate control (I'm fine with standard old fashioned A/C in a car this size), it's rarely that I'm in a weather condition that I'll need fog lights and I don't mind using a key to start the car. The only thing I do like about the iQ2 is the fact that the mirrors can be pulled in automatically, but as you'll all agree, mirrors by themselves wouldn't be worth the extra cost. Shame they didn't do a similar offer as the Aygo Blue with the iQ though.
  5. That's why I thought that I'd post them, so that everyone can see all the different pics, including the height adjustable seat and the change to the driver door card.
  6. My wife Linzi has an Aygo that she has had for almost 3 years. They phoned her to offer her new deals etc to tempt her to come in, advising that they might be able to offer 0% on some models. Wife wasn't interested but the put the phone over to me. I was on a PCP for 42 months. Spoke for a while, and now I'm on a new 36 month PCP paying almost £20 a month less, and I now have 3 years free servicing. I've don't usually keep any car for longer than 2 years much to the annoyance of my wife, so this deal was perfect for me.
  7. Now some pics of inside, seats up, down, possibly some extra storage space etc
  8. Pictures of my new red 2010 iQ Pics of 2010 driver seat and door cards. The door cards now have an additional bit just back from the switches for the windows. Pics of old white iQ
  9. Have 1 litre manual On short journeys getting 52-54 (less than 8 miles with some 60 roads, bit with some traffic lights) On longer journeys getting between 57-62mpg (18 miles - rural road, but no stopping and starting at all)
  10. Dealer advised that a batch should be ready for dispatch and I should have it by Wednesday. Only ordered on Tuesday this week.
  11. Hi all. Just thought that I'd let you know that I'm getting a new red iQ and will be picking it up next Wednesday. I test drove the 1.33, and although it did have more pickup, I couldn't justify paying the extra money for it. The salesman at Toyota Swansea however was keen for a sale. After much chatting, I'm now getting exactly the same model iQ (version 1, I'm quite happy with normal AC), having mudflaps and mats added in for free and will have 3 years free servicing. I've only had to put down £100 deposit on the car and have reduced my monthly payments down by £18.21 a month. What makes this even better is the fact that I was 3,000 miles over my 10,000 a year allowance on my PCP. Just thought that I would share, so that other people may benefit from Toyota trying to get their new car sales up.
  12. Thats brilliant Sally. The next thing that I think that you should do is the 4-2-1 manifold. As others have said, you can't say for definate that your car has gone from 67/68 to 75 as your car may have been higher or lower than the official figure. That said though, the fact that you've had a custom exhaust (which doesn't necessarily mean louder) and a performance air filter generally add about 10% which seems about right. I'm more interested in your torgue figure that you should also had recorded on the rolling road. Also, what MPG are you getting on average. Also, where did you have the rolling road done, someone else on here with a 1.0litre could have it done. Won't give you a perfect before/after but might see the improvements quite clearly.
  13. I paid £90, but that was in November. That was with FRF Toyota Swansea.
  14. Not driver error, live in rural area where I commute and generally have to pass a lot of oncoming farm traffic on not great roads. The White iQ has black primer paint, so small stone chips stand out quite badly on the front of the car. Out of all of the cars I've owned, the iQ seems to show stone chips far more than the other cars I've owned. Only have about 4 after a year and a halfs driving, but they stand out far too much. I think silver has a grey primer so think it would look better after stone chips. Does anyone know what colour primer goes under each car colour available for the iQ?
  15. Hi all Will be test driving the 1.33 on Sunday and will more than likely buy one. At the moment I have a white iQ, and found when polishing how bad the front bumper looks because of stone chips. Quite a few chips in the front bumper, so all I know is that the next iQ will not be white. Can you let me know in your replies what colour you have, and if the stone chips stand out as much as they do on the white.
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