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  1. if you have an iq1 or 2 you realistically dont want to go anywhere beyond a rim 16', the car lacks the power and if you go beyond this it will lose a marginal amount of acceleration. in my own opinion you shouldnt go beyond this anyway as why would u want your car to look like a monster truck or like its just strolled into halfords. in answer to your question anything beyond a 205 width would be considered illegal as they stick out of the actual car.
  2. your logic is nothing short of astounding, to buy probably a car with one of the lowest torque ranges and bhp to tow a caravan and then proceed to use some sticky tape to make a 'lexus'...not to mention the carbon fiber to make the car lighter and faster. cant wait to do this to mine.
  3. off roading accessories for one of the smallest city cars...two seconds while i get my bank details for you...clearly you have money to waste
  4. i also got a box of chocolates through the post along with the 20 quid!
  5. simply put, since you dont drive a toyota anymore...join the "lexus" owners club and see how they feel about it.
  6. not joking, its 5 am and im losing sleep over this.
  7. i love the rear diffuser carbon..
  8. blue vision are good, worth a try. i had to get diamond vision hb4 via ebay, thats the only way. all legit and stuff as they are genuine philips bulbs!
  9. i will do asap jsut been swamped with my !Removed! dissertation.... you wont regret buying the diamond vision at all
  10. justin7

    Car Pic

    I like the lighting and the emblem of the side of your car!! thumbs up!
  11. il post pictures soon. then you can make your own judgement if u choose to use them or not.
  12. amazingly! *disclaimer* these bulbs may be illegal in some eu countries so i use them for show use only..
  13. rubbish lol, however..... i fully recommend philips diamond vision hb4, il upload photos soon.
  14. i often do this route! if u take the lil a roads its amazing...
  15. cool i do know what you mean, ive seen some cars with like blatant 8000 kelvin bulbs and they are really really bright.
  16. I dont have them, but I think your gonna get blinded by the majority of lights even standard halogens by all the dips, Ive driven near that road in Dundee and if im honest its not pleasant. But also the majority of lights fitted by users will have nothing on a lot of audi and range rover standard beams as they are extremely bright.
  17. everything apart from the foglight housing squares!!
  18. i actually do though, like this was before i increased my wheel size. i found i could never achieve a high 50 mpg average or ever touch 60. I know everyone will say this but i use all the hyper mile-ing techniques and methods mentioned above me.... just... from what im seeing it would be damn near impossible for me to achieve 60 miles on single flashy..
  19. il post a pic of my 5000k philips diamond vision soon, which cost only 30 quid and you can compare cuz i wanted some hid's too...just seems a bit faff on!
  20. mate its an absolute joke, how toyota have got away for not being done for extremely exaggerated figures is beyond me. im sure its advertised as over 60 mpg car yet youd be very lucky to even get near 55 or 50.... suppose its a city car still ...if your in a city its stop start and you wouldnt get anywhere near that.... i just dont know! 500 miles is utter b*lls*** though. I bet toyota achieved those figures by planning a route that is majorly downhill the majority of the journey. rant over.
  21. justin7

    Update Iq Bulbs

    lol it was a joke in terms of needing super bright lights :P (i.e. bats are blind) naa ive got uprated bulbs, if u dont want to mess on with a hid kit you could try philips diamond vision hb4 (9006) clip a tiny bit off them and they fit perfectly. they are probably your best bet.
  22. justin7

    Blind Spot

    look over your shoulder.
  23. yeah 4000k is just normal if im honest. although i just ordered 6500k ones which hope do the trick if not ...sigh expensive hid kit!
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