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  1. i hate to say this but even the haynes manule gives it a 5 spanner rating and pretty much says that you would be best to take it to a toyota garage but to do it you have to take all side trim panals out of passenger compartment then remove the headling compleat, the rear edge of the glass should be adjusted 0.5mm higher than roof and the front 0.5 mm below
  2. forget that last message 1.remove the air inlet duct and air cleaner from the left hand side of engine 2 disconnect the wiring from the speedometer speed sensor loccated at the rear of the transmission3 unscrew and remove speed sensor
  3. i,ll cheack the manule but i think the speedos are still cable i reackon the cable has worn out and will need replacing
  4. hi sammy i had the same thing on my k reg 1.6 gli i would say at best it is the sensor on the exhust it not a majer problem i never noticed a lot of diferince in performance but i think it helps to tell the car how to tune its self sort of if that make any sence
  5. sounds to me like it somthing to do with the alarm imoberlizer or the ecu unit just a guess thou i,m no expert
  6. clarkey76


    hi i cant remember but i know you can do it i think by holding both buttons down or something like that
  7. hi mate sorry i took so long i dont cheack my emails that oftan you can dissconnect the alarm but you will need to get new remote or get a cat 1 arlam fitted like i did after my stereo was stolen they my car was a right off after they bent the door frame out and it int east changing a door
  8. hi there the reason why your petrol tank sounds like it is under presure is because it is.and check your voltage regulator if that dont work you have to change the fuel sender i could go in to detail as i have haynes manule
  9. where do you find the water is it under the spare none of my carinas have ever had any leaks but recentley my quahter lte window was smashed and lots of ice nicked when i replaced the window even tho i was carful used the sealent stuff when i used jet wash or even garden hose the water was comin trough the window and colecting in the boot under the spare or it could be the boot seal a good idea would be to dry it out wipe it clear the boot then spay with hose while some one in side try to find where it is coming in then you will have problem that you know what to fix i have a manule every one
  10. hi i have had a carina 1.6gli only in a realy high wind going over the orwell bridge did i get buffet a bout not a whole lot but i supose diffint poeple feel less safe than others now i have a 1.8si much stiffer suspension it is awesome feel realy sturdy even in gale force and i have had over 18 diffrant cars driven to destruction some only lasting a week my k 1.6 carina that my dad had for 7years lasted me 3 thats my record it was still going with 120000 k never broke down just decided to upgrad and when you see a 1.8si r reg with 71000 on the clock going for 450 pound you get it quick
  11. i hate to say this but the part king is spot on the only thing i can sugest is a screw driver and hammer :D :D :D
  12. hi i hope this helps i copied it out of my manule to flush rad disconnect top and bottom hose and run a garden hose though top until water runs clearif after a resonable period the water does not run clear remove rad and reverse flush bottom to top. to flush engine remove thermostat to let water drain out bottom hose and not all over transmisson then temporarily refit thermostat cover then with top and bottom hoses disconnected run garden hose in top pipe till clear water run out refit thermostat re connect hoses use a ethylene-glycol based anti freeze use a 50 50 mix fill rad slowly to top w
  13. [ i just bought a 1.8 si the handling is twice as good as my 1.6l it only has 72k on clock and i payed 450 pound if i was you i would use second hand engine if not buy another one keep using it if it runs my 1.6 made all sorts of noises but never broke down did have problem with alarm got cat 1 fitted now in si they are great cars i have driven at least 17 diffrant cars to destruction all with in a year had 3 cars not make it past a week but my carina that my dad owned lasted me 3 years with trashing and was rammed off road hit curb so hard that the rim was split but tire did not punture an
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