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  1. Could either be the sender or the guage trev , definitely nothing to do with the thermostat !
  2. gordi

    Brake Discs

    I had both front discs replaced under warranty but it wasnt because of wear it was because they were warped, awful juddering on braking. I would imagine disc wear is classed the same as pad wear ? best of luck though .
  3. Same thing happened to me with my avensis fortunately it was under warranty still , they provided me with two new keys as they appeared to have stopped working like yours and while it was in the service manager noticed the dome light was off and he said Ahhhhhhhhhhhh , replaced the bulb and hey presto everything worked again ?
  4. Take it to Quik Fit and get the tracking sorted , I have owned two of these and there was nothing wrong with the steering so , got to be out of track , probably been kerbed too many times !!
  5. Sounds similar to my avensis, see if you can get a compression check done just to make sure one of the valves hasnt burnt out ?
  6. I think they are pretty much the same system as on the Lexus and they can be turned off but dont need to be as the front ones only operate at very short distances , the rear work in conjunction with the camera and only when the car is in reverse so no problems ! fantastic help when parking .enjoy
  7. Just the big engined Lexus are to be recalled the 350 up over , and the recall is about faulty valve springs and problems with tickover , The avensis I used to own was plaqued with poor tickover and stalled fairly often , Mr T didnt sem to know what to do about it but I had a sneaky feeling they did know ! and now its been proved .Wish these people would tell the truth occassionally
  8. Easier still just pull the cable off the Sensor and reattach , worked a treat for me and I used it several times .
  9. Yes i would definitely advise you to go for an Auto , Bet you never go back to manual again .
  10. Hi Mark I used to own the 2.litre Auto and the best i ever got was 38 on a run and the high twenties in town , if I was you I would stick to the 1.8 much nicer engine to my mind.
  11. Why anybody would choose a manual over an auto beats me rigid , they are even better on fuel nowadays and infinitely better to drive especially the CTV sixspeed . enjoy your new motor and I agree with the 1.3 a good choice .
  12. Yep, underneath the front passenger seat, easier to use a map though
  13. I have a Lexus IS 250 which has the same transmision its a cvt but only 6 speeds, absolutely seamless and a wonderful drive , so I imagine yours will be as good .
  14. In my opinion NO , they have no insurance and are probably on benefits so whats the point ?
  15. Your right there are two definitive services A & B the interval is 10,000k and the difference in price is substantial especially if you use Mr T ! best get your own independent garage .. ENJOY