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  1. You can still get the TTE exhausts from any Toyota dealer they just take a couple of days to order in. I got one a few months back. Just need to go in with the right part number which I can't find atm if I do I'll post it on here. Oh it was 254ish
  2. cheers for that link bud but thats a cut and shut, not original tte ;). i have since got the tte, but upon fitting found that one pipe sat nearly 1/2 inch lower than the other. after a little bracket persuasion from my local exhaust centre i ended up with this.....very happy :) also sounds to follow.
  3. I thought i'd just go ahead and just order one of these and i'll probablly pop up a video of the sound etc, from what ive read online the general thought is you cannot get these anymore?? you can still order these from any toyota dealer (or kingo ;) ) part number for tte exhaust for a e12 t sport corolla is pz439-e9714-00 , whilst there i enquired about the tte front longer availible, as i suspected!!!!!
  4. hi yes i have tried YouTube but there are hardly any videos on there that are on the 1.8 t sport, and the couple that are on a tsport dont really show the sound outside the car only static revving, hence why posting on here. i also wanted someone who has one on thier car to tell me whether they are worth having or not
  5. hi guys been debating recently whether or not to buy a tte exhaust for my e12 t sport, are they actually any good? i can get my hands on a brand new one for 242.62 , i cant seem to find any videos of sound etc anywhere so hopefully someone kind can post one up for me. thanks
  6. where abouts are you locatedk?, what sort of money on top would you wantk? cheers
  7. i usually average around 31mpg with a good mixture of driving, on a long run it is considerably higher though. brakes are a point to check as they can wear pretty quickly. as with any car service history is important! dont worry about cambelt changes as they are chain driven. double check lift engages properly, the engine needs to be warm before it will kick in. if it doesnt kick in after its warmed up it could spell trouble.
  8. i have owned two corolla t sports both 05 models and have driven a friends focus, as said the focus is a nice car, but id personally have the corolla over it any day! i think they both ride very similarly but interior plastics and seats just felt better quality in the toyota, depending of course on spec. each to thier own though and id test both cars you like before purchasing then you can get the one you prefer.
  9. I've had another look today, and believe it is just an idler pulley, alternator and power steering are at the front of the engine, crank obviously at the bottom and water pump as you say in the middle. Smaller black pulley is the tensioner, but I'm stumped with this one! Surprised no one else has come across this before?
  10. This is the one I'm talking about. Hope someone can help with a part num etc thanks again
  11. Hi guys, I was servicing my corolla t sport today and decided to also change the aux belt. I noticed the pulley at the rear of the engine, just above the tensioner wheel has a slight wobble. Does anyone know what that pulley does? Waterpump etc?, as I may need to replace the lil bugger! Thanks in advance
  12. this is the one i got bud, look at the list below and think it fits yours too. ;)
  13. i have just ordered one myself £5.20 delivered from flebay!
  14. no sweat bud, most important thing is getting them torqued up properly - overtighten and its knackered! if your "lift" activates then the likelyhood of them being snapped is very low. lift gets slightly more aggressive when the new bolts are installed. which is always a bonus!!!!
  15. i just done the lift bolts on my corolla t sport (same engine) you will need a torque wrench, a little auto silicone gasket maker, and the 2 lift bolts, this is the toyota guide to replace them, on the celica you will deffo need a torque wrench as they have specific torques. using this guide obviously ignore stripping the engine right down as the guide is for when the lift bolts snap ;) http://www.billswebs...m/liftbolts.pdf
  16. cool beans bud, working on our own car can be daunting!!! i recently replaced front+back discs+pads on my t sport for £100! if you do decide to do it yourself, this guide is very usefull. http://www.nrgizerbu...tbrakedisc.html only thing missing on the guide is sometimes you have to slightly file the paint off the pads to make them fit / move freely also think these are the ones for yours, would have to check though, good luck bud ;)
  17. toyota have a fixed price promise at the moment iirc it was 225 all in for front pads and discs! if you can do it yourself its ALOT cheaper ;)
  18. hello bud it is possible to do it diy in well under an hour, the bolts themselves are around 70p each!!! you need 2 of them one for each cam shaft. there are some very useful guides here: part number for the bolts is 90105-06293, i didnt replace the rocker cover gasket as it was fine, but you do need a tube of auto silicone sealant, which is put in 2 places on the rocker head. this is the toyota guide to replace them, on a celica (same engine though) you will need a torque wrench though as they have specific torques. using this guide obviously ignore stripping the engine right down as the guid is for when the lift bolts snap ;)
  19. also a good thing to do which is nice and cheap is the "Lift Bolts", just done mine on an 05 and they were worn bad!
  20. sorry to raise this thread from the dead! im viewing a compreesor this saturday yay!!!!! (sat 22nd jan 11) so fingers crossed!!! oh and i set up this page on facebook as a place for a japanese car lovers to view photos videos etc, please like it!
  21. oh and can i agian say thanks for all the really helpfull input everyone has put into this, found it very usefull - wish i was still part of the community!
  22. so mpg not too much it'll be insurance where i'd save then which is quite a bit! iv'e called off the meet to view the compressor on saturday as my gut keeps telling me no! have another plan in the pipeline though!!
  23. sorry bud dont get what you mean by comp mpg is pretty btw???