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  1. The Toyota dealer say they've regassed to the correct gas level and tested, and that the a/c system can be made to function when bypassing the controls, which is why they think the problem is on the control side.
  2. Yesterday, I took my IQ into my local Toyota dealer because the climate control isn't cooling. They've followed the Toyota diagnostics. The A/C checks out OK and they say the problem is either the control panel or the A/C amplifier. Toyota recommend replacing the control panel first. They say I need a replacement switch/control panel at £833.70. They suggested I find a second-hand one, which they could then fit for me. The part number they gave me is T55900-74020-B0. There are several Toyota IQ control panels listed on Ebay for between £27.29 and £110, but they all have the part number 55900-74010. There are a number of control panels with the part number 55900-74020-B0 listed from international Ebay sellers for between £348.11 and £596.14, but the photographs included with the listings clearly show a sticker with the part number 55900-74010. My Toyota dealer claims that 55900-74010 isn't a valid part number. What's the difference between part number 55900-74010 and 55900-74020-B0?
  3. hi when you ha you IQ (unless you still have it) the JBL upgrade you had fitted was the amp under the drivers or passenger seat? thanks Paul

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    2. tnucboy


      Thanks for the reply, Can I ask if  you have the install manual as Toyota say the LHD version dont fit the uk RHD but looking at fitting instruction for LHD I dont see the issue, So if you had the RHD install guide might have a rhd part no & I could maybe track the parts down...


    3. tnucboy


      Oh forgot to ask what dealer fitted it?

      thanks Again

    4. Dewi Daniels

      Dewi Daniels

      Toyota World Bristol North (now Motorline Toyota Bristol North) fitted it. They said it was the first JBL upgrade they'd fitted and Toyota sent a technician to teach them how to fit it.

  4. My local Toyota dealer changed the manifold yesterday. It's made a big difference. The car pulls much better from low revs and generally feels like it's breathing more easily.
  5. The performance of my IQ2 has deteriorated markedly since it was new. It now feels breathless and very low on power, to the point that it struggles up steep hills. It vibrates if I try and accelerate from 2000 rpm or below. The fuel consumption has dropped because I have to use lower gears than before. I was hoping this recall would fix the lack of power and the vibration. I'd settle for just fixing the lack of power. If it doesn't, I'll ask my Toyota dealer to see if they can diagnose the problem. If they can't fix the problem, it'll be time to sell the IQ. It's done over 70,000 miles and has been very reliable and economical. I'd really like to buy a new IQ, but that's no longer possible. I'm keeping my eye out for a late model IQ3 with leather upholstery, but they seem to be surprisingly rare. It's also a pity you can no longer buy the JBL sound upgrade, which I love on my IQ.
  6. I phoned my Toyota dealer three weeks ago to make an appointment. They tell me they're still waiting for the parts, which are on back order.
  7. My 1.0 IQ2 is affected. I purchased it new in September 2009. My local Toyota dealer have ordered the parts and will let me know when they've arrived. I had noticed a reduction in power over the last 12 months or so. The car shudders if I try and accelerate from 2000 rpm or less, and the acceleration feels more sluggish than before. Average mpg has dropped from 53 mpg to 48 mpg, presumably because I'm holding on to the lower gears for longer. I had intended to report the problem at the next service. I hope this recall fixes the performance problem .If the IQ had just a bit more power, it would be perfect for my commute. This will be the 3rd recall since I bought the car, though it's otherwise been very reliable and cheap to run.
  8. The outside lane is very overrated. No matter how much I flash my lights, the lesser cars in front won't move out of the way. (only joking, for the avoidance of doubt!)
  9. I have an IQ2, and my other car is a BMW 545i, so I understand where you're coming from. I'm sure you'll enjoy the IQ2. I'm very pleasantly surprised how easy it is to switch between the IQ and the 5 series. It just doesn't feel as big a jump in quality as you'd expect (and that's a complement to the IQ, not a criticism of the BMW). The IQ feels surprisingly luxurious, is pleasant to drive, and is very quiet at town speeds. The IQ even has some toys my BMW doesn't have (keyless entry, for example). And, of course, the mpg is much, much better, especially on short journeys.
  10. There's always the JBL sound upgrade...
  11. I specified the JBL sound system upgrade when I bought my IQ2. I think it sounds excellent. I would definitely order it again if I bought another IQ. The only car sound system I've had that sounded better was the 9-speaker system in a Volvo S80. It was fitted by the dealer. The dealer said it was the first JBL upgrade they'd fitted to an IQ, and they had to get someone from Toyota to show them how to do it.
  12. I have the BBC Top Gear Cool Wall app for the iPhone, which gives Top Gear's rating for the IQ as Cool.
  13. I'm very pleased with the sound quality of my IQ, which has the standard (not sat nav) CD/Radio and the JBL premium sound upgrade. My experience suggests there's nothing much wrong with the head unit, so I'd advise replacing the speakers and adding additional amplication before replacing the head unit.
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