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  1. Hi,

    To remove, I just heated up the seals, as they're only stuck on... A hairdryer will do the trick nicely, you obviously don't want it getting so hot that it will melt the paint, just go gently, and remember to give the area a good clean / polish after you remove :)


  2. Hello DAN!

    Congrats for your Yaris.

    I would like to know how did you remove the rear emblems..

    I mean the central Toyota logo and the "Yaris" text-logo.. are they only sticked or do they have some small nails inside the lift gate body?

    So, if I remove them will I have some holes in the body?

    Moreover, is it difficult to remove them?

    Which techniqu...

  3. There is a Turbo Vitz, it is huuuugely powerful considering the smallness! Personally, I have the 1.3 RS as it's got all the bells and whistles, but is cheaper to run... If I had the mullah, I would have picked up one of these: RS: 1.5 L 1NZ-FE I4 Turbo (150 hp) (which is the car you're looking for). If you were to use that as a project and had the money, I'd supercharge it, you would have power accross the board ... supercharger for low end, and turbo as the supercharger power starts dying off!! After driving the 1.3 and the 1.5 (Both RS Vitz's rather than T-Sport Yaris's), I personally prefer the 1.3... not as much at the top, but cheaper to run, and still fun to drive :) ... besides, if you start getting to the top end of the power, you're waaaaay over the speed limits!!! lol There is one (a 1.5 NZ-Fe I4, which has been breathed on by TRD) with a similar kit to mine still in Japan, but it's at auction for 1,621,691 Yen + shipping charges which is just over ten thousand pounds, so it all depends what you want to spend... they are amazing cars, in GBP I paid four thousand for mine with 60,000 miles on the clock and it drives like you would expect it to the day it arrived from the factory! But I'm currently living in NZ, where cars cost a bit more in general, and Jap imports are ten a penny so, it's swings and roundabouts! I paid out to get a nice car at a decent price, but you'd have to pay more in shipping than I did, and I took the risk free route of getting an import company to check it in situ, import it with a small deposit that was refundable if the car wasn't of a satisfactory standard when inspected upon arrival. Personally, if you're going older Japanese, I would always ALWAYS go import, my friends and I have been owning imorts for the last few years now, and we find we get a lot less go wrong with our cars than other people we know who buy european new, or even; as the case is for me: NZ market new. Have fun with your hunt, I hope you find what you're looking for :) ... as far as my knowledge pertains, there are currently NO Fe I4 Turbo's on the UK market, so you would have to import one, and they are like rocking horse !Removed! to locate as they were very limited in their run, so it would be a real coup to get one into the UK :) Just so you know which one you're looking for on the auction sites (I forget the exact one I used... but google had to translate it to English for me anyway, so I know it can be googled) It's described with the engine number above, it's Daytona Yellow with a carbon bonnet, and has the same kit as mine (see below):
  4. I found that deepdish wheel I meant ... not sure where in the UK you'd source it from, as it's not something that you usually see in the wheel shops, at least not that I remember, and I've only been here 8 months!! http://www.magwheeloutletstore.co.nz/wheel.asp?ID=1220411303 hope you find what you're looking for :)
  5. I have been reliably informed that the biggest wheel/tyre package you would get on a Yaris without problems is 17x7 with 195/40/17 tyres on, however, I asked the same question the other day, and as I suspected: the ride would be pretty much unbearable! Personally, my choice would be to either stick with 14x6's as standard on the T-Sport, or move into 15x6.5 as you won't have any problems with those! On Jap cars, again it's personal preference, but I do like to see a deep dish alloy, but it's mostly personal choice imo! There are those on here who continually insult my car because it has a body kit on it, and it's a "love it or hate it" kind of kit ... I did buy the yaris like that, because personally, I do love it, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it... so I guess as the saying goes: "there's no accounting for taste" ... I do agree about wolfrace being a bit dodge, however I'd say a set of Team Dynamics racing wheels would look very nice :) You can se my post below, and my personal choice of alloys at the moment as they come in 14x6 ... I'm also looking at a set of deep dish alloys, but I can't get a picture link for those atm, I will post later if I can find a suitable picture :) http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=101647 Dan
  6. All Main dealers are a bit of a rip truth be told! Thankfully, with Jap cars... they're pretty simple, and there's not much to go wrong on the whole, so you don't need a dealer service IMO. personally I use the garage at the top of my road, as they have all the equipment to do the servicing, and I know the mechanic, so I know I'm getting a straight up deal, usually costs me about a hundred and twenty for a years service, and that's for the works!! Unless of course there's something wrong, and the last time that happened was with my Punto when the clutchplate and gearbox decided to bite the bullet at exactly the same time, about 3 weeks before it was due for a service... but the less said about Fiat gearbox problems, the better methinks!!!
  7. There are 2 versions of the Vitz RS in Japan, the 1.3 and the 1.5... I opted for the 1.3, as it has all the same trim as the 1.5, but all the economy of a 1.3 :D ... it's also been tuned to all the extremes you would expect of a Japanese tuner, so it goes like the 1.5 anyway :D I get about 600km's to $40 of fuel... awesome :D ... considering my previous BMW (that was a complete shed, admitedly) was doing 200km's to $50 of fuel!!!
  8. That's one of the things I was thinking... I have actually gotten myself a quote on a set of 14x6's (as in all honesty, I'd rather keep the sizes the same, just to avoid any possible problems) with tyres for $1200 from the mag & turbo warehouse over here, which is about 480 pounds, so not a bad deal really, and about a quarter of a months wages, so I was thinking of going for these: Almost as cheap as just tyres on their own, and very slinky, in my opinion. The only reason I'd been thinking of the 17"s was because they're on sale (so would only be $95 more) and they do look awesome: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=237991442 (sorry, no img link for those :S website in question won't allow it) Personally, I love the spit rim look, but I do also really like the Advanti's :D
  9. From my own experience, no idea why, but people tend to run down the Toyo's over the F1's, I've run both on previous cars, and the F1's just didn't cut the mustard, whereas the Toyo's just lasted forever! When I sold the car they were on, they still looked almost new despite the fact they were nearly 18 months old! At that point the F1's had just about had enough of life!! Same car, same kind of conditions, same fitting centre, so what can I say!! I know where I'd put my money (the exact ones I had on my motor were the toyo proxes T1's for measure) Also, I've seen a 350z fitted with the Toyo's and it stuck to the ground like glue, but was ever so slightly slippery on the F1's ... I guess in the end, it comes down to personal choice, nobody can make you go for something you don't want, but it's good to have all the info first :) ... personally, given past experiences, I'd stick with my choice in Toyo's ... only problem is, over here in NZ, Toyo's are a little pricey :S so I'm running Yokohama until I can afford to swap!!
  10. Hey everybody, just a quick one, as you can see I have the Vitz RS (so, Yaris T-Sport by any other name) and have just been offered a wheel/tyre package, now, I've been assured by the company in question that a set of 17x7 wheels with 195/40/17 Tyres will not scrub at full lock or cause me any other difficulties... now, various companies over the years have told me these things when I've gone up a SMALL size in wheels, and there's been scrubbing, so the last thing I want to do is jump 3" in size and 1" in width from my standard 14x6's and find I have issues with scrubbing, so any advice on this would be muchly appreciated :) Thanks, Dan
  11. It does depend where in the world you are really, as you're in Aldershot, then normal unleaded (95 RON) is fine! If it's an import from Japan, you should probably take Super/Premium, as they have their engine management setup to take higher RON rated fuel. If you're in America, to quote the Simpsons: "She takes premium dude, PREMIUM!" As they have a lower RON rating on their fuel (if Memory serves, normal fuel can go as low as 85 RON over there). Over here in NZ, I have a Jap import Vitz RS (which is the same as the Yaris T-Sport in everything but name) and I use premium, as it's 97 RON over here, and I use an additive (octane booster & injector cleaner) every 6000 KM's to keep the engine clean as it's an import and should be running on 100 RON.
  12. I actually provide technical support on the iphone for people (amongst other things), so; to try and answer your question: If it's the whole unit (i.e. just a charging point where you plug your iPod in and it outputs to the stereo), there is about a 90% chance that it WON'T work, you would have to check the guide that comes with the car stereo for a compatibility list, but I know so many people have been having issues with the iPhone when they put it in their car, and they tell me that their G2 iPod Touch worked fine! If it's the 3.5mm jack point, go for your life... if you can plug it in, and it's 3.5mm input to the stereo, there's a 100% chance it will work! It can be a sony product, the new Nokia 5800, heck, if it has a 3.5mm output, you can plug it into a stereo :D I actually had the old JVC connector unit in one of my old cars, went from a classic to a touch, and even that didn't work, as the touch hadn't been invented at that time, so obviously wasn't supported by JVC at that point, so if in doubt the best thing you can do is see if you can test it with a friends iPhone! Pref. the same variation that you're getting, as there's every chance a 2G phone might work, then you buy a 3Gs and it doesn't, as the points may well be different in the devices. Oh, and; to save myself a phone call... when the iPhone freezes (and it will... it's a smart device... they all crash eventually!) hold down the sleep key on the top, and the home key on the front until the silver apple appears, then you can let go... voila! Phone works again!! Also, if you have network issues (and you might... it happens with the iPhone from time to time ... depends very much what GSM band your carrier uses and where in the world you are) ... goto; settings > general > Reset > Reset Network Settings, and that's another easy one solved :D Hope this helps :) Dan
  13. Okay, my Yaris T-Sport as it is now (Vitz RS as it's the Jap model): Now, the thing of it is, it's a bugger being so low! Almost every time I go over a speed bump, or up an incline that is just at a funny angle, I ground the front bumper, which is really starting to drive me crazy! Also the other night, I managed to crack a sideskirt, as a speed bump was a little to high, so when the car came down in the middle, it grounded and stuffed up my near side side skirt! Not beyond repair, but enough to make me decide that enough is enough... So, does anyone have much experience with other body kits? Specifically the Veilside kit (as Pictured below ... the rear bumper is cool as IMO) as this is what I'm thinking of switching to... I actually do prefer my front bumper, but I'd rather have a car I can use every day without worrying about it grounding out, or whether I can in fact make it up or down a steep inclince without stuffing my body kit! Many thanks for any advice :) Dan
  14. I know what you mean... personally, when I saw it, I fell in love with it because it's such an aggro look, I like the way everything juts out myself, it does need to go into the body shop at some point though, because the person who got it off the boat when it arrived here (in NZ) managed to crack the front bumper, so maybe some work in there somewhere... as for lowering though, that's a really BAD life choice, as it is I have to drive over speed humps at an angle so that I don't scrape the kit, and the carpark at work is the same, if it was any lower, I'd just get stuck on things!! lol
  15. Hi Rob, Most scrappies will have things like this, if you can find a Jap specialist in particular they're always selling off interiors and other useful parts from wrecked cars, I got a whole new interior for my old BMW from one of those dealers and for the whole thing, it was less than 100 quid, and that included carpets/mats/glovebox lid/interior trim and a few other bits and bobs I needed, so I'm sure you'll be able to get what you need at a reasonable price :) Failing that, getting seats recovered can be an expensive task, but there are some specialists, if you were keeping the car, you could have gone for a leather interior, but as you're selling on, I'm not really sure who to recommend, because the only guys I know of (who I trust and) who do full leather interiors are over towards Liverpool! Like I say though, best bet is your local breakers yard/Jap scrap specialists, I'm sure you'll find what you need :)
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