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  1. Seems a rare thing these days hence why i thought it was worth a mention
  2. Hi Lads. Its not often that i feel compelled to recomend a garage but now is one of those moments :D The Aviensis needed some work so i went to a loacal Toyota specialist in Gloucester NTM Services i cant speak highly enough of these lads work was done to a high standard the old parts were ready for inspection the lads showed me the new work and what they had done which i thought was a rare thing these days and was even given a cup of coffee. If any one is interested NTN is in Quedgeley Gloucester and the phone number is 01452 720726 i for one will use them again and one finall thing they gave me a choice of genuine Toyota parts or OEM as the Toyota dealer in Gloucester is now closed these lads will even order and sell you genuine Toyota parts for those DIY jobs. Just think that when you get good service you need to shout about it :D :D
  3. Thanks Pete Called in to see the car in the link you sent and bought a arm rest and its all fitted if any one needs some spares can recomend these guys the car is very clean just a little dented the leather is all good Thanks again :)
  4. Still on the look out for a arm rest have tried the number above for TDX with no joy and loads of other places. So if anyone else has any ideas please keep them comming thanks
  5. I did not know they done a small landcruser always thought they were big old truks will try to find one over the weekend and have a look Thanks
  6. big taff

    What Car

    Hi Lads Going to trade in the wifes Golf and donot dont know what to go for. Would like to keep to Toyota i would like a diesel and must be big mainly motorway miles tips to S France i like the Ravs but a bit of a hair dressers car the wife has told me. So any ideas please let me know
  7. Hi Lads Back in the uk know and on the lookout for a center arm rest if you guys have any contacts please pass them on to me thanks
  8. Have a look at the millers range of oil i pay £25 for 5L always used millers find the products spot on
  9. Hi Guys i have not used any additive in my Avensis but i used millers in my VW Golf and found that the golf ran better with it. I only use millers oil and additives but havent felt the need to use a petrol additive. With the connection to the super fuel the only one i only felt any difference with and that was with mpg was Totall
  10. Thanks lads will give you a shout when return to uk. In the meantime beer is geting warm lol (and !Removed! expensive £4.20 a pint)
  11. look under the passenger seat
  12. Hi Lads Down in France after a long trip and the only thing i miss from my VW days is my center arm rest any ideas on where i could pick one of these up from tried e-bay but they are after market want a original one any ideas ans on a post card please. :P
  13. big taff


    Well just got down to the South of France car has done 1500 miles and not a drop of oil used the motor never put a foot wrong the only criticism is that i wish i went for a bigger unit car struggles on the hills but apart from that well happy :P
  14. big taff


    Thanks guys will stick to the reg unleaded try to keep to Bp or Shell if poss with the comment about oil i have done 5k in the car since i have had it and the oil is always spot on my mates celica 1.8 uses more oil than petrol will keep you informed on the car performance a found trip of 2k plus running around millage should be interesting done the same trip last year in a vw ?Golf gti tdi
  15. big taff


    Hi Lads Off to South of France on Friday and this Toyota is my 1st sparker in 10 years would you guys recomend using super plus unleaded or just use plain unleaded i know i wont see any performance increase but what about MPG or engine protection on a long trip cat is a 2004 1.8 vvti Avensis
  16. thanks guys there is no costco near here but will try the new Toyota dealers in Cheltenham was going to pop down to Macro today to buy mobil one but the Saturday snooze took hold and won
  17. hi gormus Waht do you mean by officals is that dealers its just my local dealer has closed and the next one is a 140 mile round trip
  18. Thanks for all the help lads if i could push my luck a litttle further can any one recomend a brand been trying to get some Toyota 5w30 but our local dealer brookling have closed does any one know a web site where i can purchase gen toyota oil or recomend a good brand
  19. hi lads My car does the same i have done 5k in the car since i bought it and does not seem to affect the car
  20. thanks guys ging to change oil next weekend going to use 5/30 full synth ill decide what brand later prob use millers or mobil
  21. i have never had the mpg that high if i use the instant mpg it does but keep the lcd display to give me the mpg per tank it did go near 50 once wich i thought was impressive for a big estate have you any tips or advice on the avensis all greatly receved
  22. thanks for that just quick one i seem to average over 45 mpg out of this car i keep a steady speed on motorway about 60 miles a day and this mpg impresses me i only got 48 mpg out of a gti tdi golf do you guys get the same sort of return ?
  23. Thanks Hati thats what i was going to use just got a tad thrown when i was told to use 10/40 semi synth. This is the first Toyota i owned always been a VW TDI fan very impressed with Toyota but the dealers seem to contradict themselves the handbook says 5/40 when i showed this to the dealer he told me that oil consumption was a problem and thats why i should use the thicker oil i have done over 5k in this car and never toped up once and as far as i know it has 5/40 in now
  24. big taff

    What Oil

    can any one please advise me of thecorrect oil to use in my 2004 1.8 vvti avensis. I have been to two dealers and been told 2 different things one yold me 10/40 semi oil and the other a 5/40 fully synth so can anyone please tell me what the best one is the car has done 62k and is about to go to the south France so i want the best oil poss thanks for your help
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