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  1. Hi all, i've had a BMW 320D for two years and done 105K in it, the time has come for a new car and I'm seriously thinking about an Auris Excel Hybrid. The Beamer has been an excellent car but the direct replacement for mine is now touching £35K and even though the emissions are low the combination of list price Vs emissions and ever lowering Co2 banding means I'm at the point where I'm seriously thinking of going cash for car now. I bought a new Yaris Trend last month for the wife and was amazed at just how good Toyota's are and I had an Avensis T Spirit Tourer before the beamer so I know they are good business cars.. My concern with the Auris is MPG. My beamer wouldn't go below 40mpg and on a run easily do late 40's and at 70mph do 60mpg, for a 184bhp car that's impressive. My car will spend most of it's life on the motorway so will a 1.8 petrol not mean the average mpg will drop considerably from it's claimed 60+? I've just had a test drive in one and it showed 46mpg as it's average but that may have been on demo's around town. Most of my private mileage is around town so would I correct in thinking most of the time it will be in EV mode?? I'm thinking that my private mileage in the main will be free and the motorway miles will be paid 'pence per mile' miles, if that makes sense! any advice appreciated. PS, I'm quite a nippy driver so I won't be doing 56mph in middle lane all day
  2. Me too, iphone 4 & T4 with Sat Nav/Premium Audio and works a treat, go for it!
  3. I've had many a car done by Russell @ privacy tinting in Golborne, Warrington. I've watched them on many occasions do it and it's like plastering, once you've honed your skills it's one of those things that you need 'the knack', your first few attempts will be a waste of time and film. The important bit is getting rid of the wrinkles wich isn't as easy as most people think. The quality of the film is also important, cheap film looks cheap. I've seen plenty of poor jobs done and the film almost looks blue instead of black and they havent removed the surrounding trims so you can see from the outside where they've cut the film short. Russell always did a good job and charged reasonable rates. http://www.privacytinting.co.uk
  4. Sounds about right to me for a main dealer. I would take it outside the network and have it serviced by an independent dealer using Toyota parts, save you a bit and won't affect your warranty either as Block Exemption rules prevent them from refusing you a warranty claim. I have an Arval lease car and they were going to have me go to Lex auto centres, a few hours of arguing later I got booked in at my local Toyota dealer and to be fair the paperwork that comes back is very much more than oil and filter checks, whoever gets my car when it gets disposed of will be very pleased to see a very genuine service history and check sheets detailing tyre depths etc every time it's been in. That said the service intervals of 10K are short by modern standards but that's probably because the D4D isn't an oil burner like the VAG engines are and the only reason they do 20K between services is because they've consumed £13 a litre oil every 1000 miles, meaning by the time the 20K service interval is reached it's had about three oil changes anyway!!
  5. I don't come on here often but everything I've written you've 'countered' with the absolute opposite. I can remember coming on here when I first got it and you shot me down regarding the various shortcoming I noted. I can only conclude you're a dealer that can see no negatives?? I do agree that it is merely a reversing aid and you use your side mirrors to straighten the car up, I do and use the camera for clarification but in the many years of driving various cars I've never had false alarm, they sound because somethings there or your reversing down a drive and it's picking up the floor when the road levels out.
  6. I have one on mt T4 tourer and the camera, hard drive and sat nav which cost £1500 is the worst £1500 is spent. The camera is handy but does nowhere near a better job than acoustic sensors. The camera is off centre, so you can't see the drivers side corner, so when you're reversing left out of a space the corner at risk is not seen, so you make a habbit of reversing into spaces to counter this problem. I find if you use the camera you park skewed across the space, it's nightmare trying to park in a space squarely. In winter road grime covers it in muck, it's poor at night and anything you can't see on the camera you can hit. Acoustic sensors pick up around the rear corners and from floor level to about 3 foot high, far more effective. The camera is a gimmick, or they do what Nissan do and what our New Subaru Forrester has which is a grid on the display which acts as a 'target' and removes the tendency to park skew wiff!! Uddy you'd need to consider how you'd view the images too and it would involve wiring something back to your dashboard, for me I'd spend £150 and go to one of these audio installers that can now very discretely colour match sensors that do a bette job. Good luck with it mate.
  7. What model stereo do you have? Is it the standard one or the shockingly ***** £1500 T4 upgrade? There has been posts about this on here in the past, I have a colleague with T4 with standard unit and iPhone, I'll ask him what he's done as I know he did initially have a problem.
  8. Since I wrote this it's been back in for them to (un-succesfully) turn up the gain on the microphone, it sounds like I'm sat in the boot! Apparently there is a £150 (to the dealer) dongle that plugs into the unit, and you're right it takes about an hour to update, thery're getting one sent in for me. Terry to check the date Press the 'Navi' button then press map data, it will probably say '2009-2009 version......'
  9. I had similar thoughts when I got mine, I too had an Audi and it will loosen up in time, but now I've done 30K in mine it 9 months I wouldn't swap it for any German car. I do mountain biking and have often had 5 adults, boot full of gear, three bikes on tow bar rack and two on roof, and the 2.0D4D may not feel as 'urgent' as the Audi but believe me it doesn't loose oomph when loaded. Mine does 42mpg driven reasonably harsh and is mega comfy. The old Audi's had good 'pump deuse' engines which had real urge, but modern Audi's have more linear delivery with the common rail units, trust me, she'll grow on you.
  10. Ditto, when I originally got my car I didn't have an iPhone and spent hours loading discs into the utterly useless HDD drive, when I had a problem they replaced the unit and lost everything with it. You need to know that Toyota STILL can't update the maps on these units, because they STILL have not developed the software to do so. My car is nearly one year old now and it's an utter disgrace they can't be bothered to support a product that costs £1500. :censor: I have the manual for mine, tell me what phone you have and I'll tell you what bluetooth profiles it requires, for example A2DP which is for contacts/SIM access....
  11. You'll find that even thought the new 09/10 map is available but Toyota STILL have not developed the hardware and software to upload the maps to the HDD. I complained to Toyota last year and after following it up last month (because they never replied) I was told that the dealers still don't have the kit as Toyota are still developing it. One thing I found is by interrogating the secret menu on the HDD you can turn the MIC UP to 5 and you're heard a lot more clearer and can hear clearer too
  12. I'm sure you'll find that the Toyota bars are made by Thule, as are the tow bars. I already had a set of Thule Aero bar and various different foot packs, but found somewhere on net that sold the aero bars, feet pack and adapters for a shockingly cheap £130. But to agree with Mstock3 once fitted I couldn't imagine them ever falling off. I went to Scotland few weeks ago with 4 mountain bikes on roof and they didn't budge one little bit. I suspect the very reason the fix points are where they are are to prevent people carrying long roof loads and damaging the fix points or the car.
  13. I've had that switched off, look in the manual and there are some 'user defined settings' such as unlocking ALL doors when you open drivers door. Battery protection gone too far, Ford will let you listen to stereo but switch off after an hour to protect battery Agreed, is a PITA As suggested, use display to find average MPG then hold display to reset it, you can't reset the range though EPB is really stupid, it doesn't self apply on Toyota's but if you drive through a IMO car wash in a toyota you don't need to leave the engine running like you do in a french POS I've got DAB and have had since July 2009, £300 extra and hence the DAB button, but it will be standard soon due to the analogue switch off in 4 years time Self dimming side mirrors would be a) expensive and B) stupid, anything that reduces your ability to see a car at the side of you (esp on motorway) is lunacy, any car diretly behind you is generally not a threat, cars in lane 2/3 at your side are in a position where you may be a threat to then, especially if you can't see them. Agree with the 12v accessory socket in boot, they are handy indeed Can't understand why anyone would have an Octavia over an Avensis, the Octavis is essentially a golf estate and whilst they have a decent boot and build quality, the boot depletes some rear passenger space, I've just been back from run around scotland mountain biking, 5 adults, 5 bikes, 3 on tow bar mounted rack and two on roof, all luggage and the car was exemplary, still managed 40's mpg, still pulled strongly and did Toyota proud.
  14. I think for a multidrive that they aren't bad figures, they might have a high output for a 1.8 but the power is at the top of rev range and it's all those gear changes automatics makes unnecessarily make the mpg poor.
  15. I'm in agreement with Thermal, the power steering is meant to get light at parking speeds then 'tone down' at speeds, theory being that you get more 'feel' from the handling, BUT, you've raised something I've thought my car is suffering from too. Sometimes at parking speeds it takes a lot of effort to turn the wheel and you can feel the steering 'bog down' and there's no linear movement to spinning the wheel around. One thing I've noticed is sometimes when this has happened i've effectively been rolling the car back on a three point turn and engine has been at idling speed, if you rev it a little then it makes a difference, but aren't they meant to raise the rev's anyway when the power steering pump detects movement of the wheel? Mine's in for a service in the next few weeks so may ask them to look into it.
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