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  1. Happy Birthday viper262!

  2. <p><p><p> I was also told the Stubs that stick out that are made of rubber (See Picture) could also be the culprate and the solution is to take them off and put sealant round them i haven't tried this yet though let me know if you find the cause Dave Check this post by Kaliope as possible help http://www.toyotaown...20#entry1229201
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=aygo+parcel+shelf&_sacat=0&_from=R40 Try those
  4. Toyota Aygo = Cheap Motoring for Young People with fun go kart like handling and cheeky fun looks you buy this car with your heart for its looks and its cheap running costs, and the fact that its bare bone equipment might not suit drivers who come to expect this that and the other in every car the Aygo is heading more towards the drivers car feel where you can hear whats going on under the bonnet VW UP = More refined for drivers who require the luxuries it also looks more grown up therefore not as appealing to young people where image is important you buy this car with your head and so you get a highly kitted grown up car but the feeling of fun seems to be lost from it in its looks, it is german all practicallity no fun Both cars are fantastic and suit different Drivers just depends which driver you are
  5. 06 Aygo Black Leaks in the boot on both sides of the car under the Lights either the Lights the Seals or the Rear brake lights haven't determined the cause as yet investigation is on going
  6. I've had leaks in the back of the car, my water pump is leaking now so i need a New one still not changing my Car :) Love my Aygo
  7. Looks very Nice from what we can see of it anyway :) still my Favorite design so far is the newest model with the DLR starting to get luxuries like half leather seats i reckon if Toyota want to keep the business and not let it fall to VW with their UP they need to offer more Equipment such as full leather electric, heated seats like you get in the VW UP since most of people leaving Aygo's say they don't like its bare bone refinement and have been spoiled by well equipped cars so it makes the Aygo especially a low spec one feel like a Cave i.e. Nissan Pixo
  8. I got mine from Toyota £26 i got the same one as you with the slide lock rather than handle its perfect :) fits nice and easy you just need a small screw driver you will need to make sure it says RHD when you purchase it since your in England and your Aygo is Right Hand Drive
  9. Best course of action they will make your Aygo all better you would be surprised how strong the Aygo is Lancs28 as this following Video will show
  10. 4th MOT and Service with JCT600 My off side front tyre was cracked so they putting new tyre on Conti Eco Contact 3 they said the other tyre was 4mm (i know the legal limit is 1.6 but if your gonna put money anywhere tyres which connect you to the road has gotta be one of them that and brakes and with the bad weather coming in i thought why not and then i will have the same tyres on all 4 corners of the car) so i decided to go for a 2 then they told me the Coolant Pump is leaking they quoted me £300 i told em i will get it done else where i rang Toyota they could do it for £260 and another local Garage not a main dealer could do it for £175 then the girl dealing with my car told me they could price match with Toyota so i told her i got £175 they over priced it to begin with they thought there was more involved with doing the job but there wasn't anyway they couldn't match £175 and im still waiting for the Tyres to be delivers but excellent customer service as always with JCT600 they keep you upto date and have washed and vacuumed my Aygo for me so all is good i've seen alot of Aygo owners have experienced this as it a common fault with Aygo Family just eager to get my car back and enjoy driving again, but saving over £100 isn't to bad and nice new fresh rubber at the front just in time for winter is also very good so overall im very happy with JCT600 and how they handled my Problems and were professional and gave excellent customer service im still waiting for JCT600 to get the tyres i've run all round all the major tyre places here (10) and no one has them so they must be popular so im waiting till Monday then i will get my car back all clean and shiny then i gotta take it to that other garage to get the pump changed but overall im happy
  11. That sponge was for the wheels :P also i use microfibre cloth with car shampoo mixed with turtle wax for the body work then a squeege for the windows so it gets no water marks the turtle wax gives it a nice glossy coat and i do use two buckets one cold and one hot with the turtle wax in :D and then i dry off using a shammy i use Tyre Foam, Tyre Black and alloy wheel cleaner on the wheels with the brush as you see there Thanks gummy thats an old pic i have wheel nut covers and front mud flaps on since then now thinking of doing full rear window and rear windscreen limo black tints She is very shiny isnt she Thanks Gummy :)
  12. <p><p>Ladies and Gentlemen of Aygo World The time is almost upon us for us to go out once again and start cleaning our Aygos and taking pride in them rather than me being lazy and spending a fiver at the local hand car wash, the satisfaction of cleaning your Aygo is something we all enjoy bring on the warm summer days :D
  13. Take care Jan you will be missed good luck with your Kia and your new girl :)
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