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  1. Hi, I've had my Toyota Aygo Platinum for 5 1/2 years now and was considering the new model but changed my mind, I take delivery of my new Hyundai i10 premium on Monday 16th. I've had a few problems along the way with the aygo but my Toyota Dealer has been great and I have enjoyed driving the car. Happy motoring to all the members regards John
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply but I put the car in for the 4th service and second MOT and mentioned about the split, the dealer contacted Toyota and to my delight they offered to pay for the repair as a gesture of good will, Dealer took it in yesterday and a professional upholster replaced the section from the zip to the join, even replaced with slightly stronger leather. Over the moon with the service from the Dealer. regards johnhrh
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had ever removed the side air bag plastic cover on the drivers seat, I have a small split in leather just under the cover, car is out of warranty, I have some mechanical knowledge and equipment, I have been out of the trade for some time now, I was hoping not to have to remove the complete airbag assembly just to get the split repaired, I would like to look at the problem in some finer detail as well. thanks in advance johnhrh
  4. Hi, Thanks to all who gave me advice, I have set them up to switch off with side lights, It was going to be a pain trying to get them to switch off with dipped beam with being negative switched. Makes sense for them to turn off with side lights. regards johnhrh
  5. Hi, Have been thinking about the DRL's, the headlamp wires are permanent 12v, The switch when selected for dipped completes the circuit, the Main beam cable then has no current flowing and visa versa, main beam selected the dipped beam current is dropped, Is there a relay which when dipped is selected drops the current ( connected to the Main beam cable) the other terminal connected to the dipped cable would then be allowed to flow current to the DRL module there by switching the DRL's off. Just a thought, wondered if there would be a relay to allow this. regards johnhrh
  6. Hi, thanks for the info, i come from the uk and it is ok to either run with drl's on whilst side lights on but they must be switched off when putting on headlamps, the live from the side lights switches them off but i wanted to switch them off via dipped beam, this i cannot do. thanks once again johnhrh
  7. Hin to all, Wondoring if anyone could help, I've purchased and fitted a set of Ring Daytime running lights, All has gone well,the only thing is I've had to connect the relay to the side lights so when switching them on the DRL's go off, I realy wanted it to be connected to the dipped beam but the wires going to the headlights are live all the time so it wont work. The idea is live when swithched on cuts off the DRL's. I was wondering if I would find the right wire at the steering column end, does anyone know ? regards Johnhrh
  8. hi, I had a similar problem if it is the indicator keep flashing at different speeds and only now and again, I found on mine it was the right front that was causing the problem, I was going to change the bulb but realized when it was doing it the bulb was working intermittently, I turned the bulb holder in the casing slightly which cured it and has had not been any-more problem.must have been a bad connection. just a suggestion worth a try. regards johnhrh
  9. Hi, I did a daft thing the other day and scratched the door handle with my Ign Key as I was closing the door, its the plastic handle with little dimples in,Its painted with what looks like Matt grey spray paint, the one you pull the door shut with,rather than paint it I was wondering if anyone had replaced one and the price. If its cheap enough I will just buy one from the dealer. regards johnhrh
  10. Hi to all, Could some kind person please tell me how is the 12v Accessory Power socket held in. regards johnhrh
  11. Hi, My car was new but only noticed it about 3 months ago, I got the impression it was a common fault but could be wrong. johnhrh
  12. Hi jwhataylo, Are you an owner of an Aygo currently under manufactures warranty ? If you are, it should be done under warranty, the reason i say this is my Aygo had a small crack in the switch but not on the surface, it was actually in the material itself, I took it to the dealer and pointed it out to them, they changed it straight away. regards johnhrh
  13. Hi, Had my new Aygo Platinum 15 months and up to now no leaks until today, I found small amount of water sitting on top of the carpet on N/S rear passenger foot well.Popped into my dealers place and they are going to fit new seal and check the membrane on door under trim just to be on the safe side.Apparently if the membrane is not fitted correctly water can pass it and leak into car when it should come out of the slot in bottom of the door.Will post when done to let you know the outcome. regards johnhrh
  14. Hi Thanks for the info, All that has been wrong with my Aygo has been rectified first time round, I cannot fault the dealership at all. I love driving the car but I would certainly think twice about getting another Toyota, I don't know if the other models have similar things go wrong.Most of the problems I've had were cosmetic I.e. marks on the trim where the clips were, looked like when trim was fitted it discoloured the trim,Side seat airbag cover was marked, the hazard light switch had small crack in it, but not on the surface, it looked as if it was in the material itself.The reverse sensors stopped working, The main one was clutch judder, they put complete new clutch assembly including flywheel in and it curred it. I've only done 8000m so will see if things settle now, I have all the paperwork after each job was completed. regards johnhrh
  15. hi, Nice to here that you got extra 2 yrs, My Toyota Aygo is only 14months old and has been back to the dealer numerous times with Trim, Switch reverse sensors and clutch problems, all I may add have been rectified. Can I ask you, where and which dept of Toyota did you get in contact with to get the extra 2 yrs ? I know I have quite a while to go before the 3 yrs are up but I'm wondering now what sort of problems I'm going to have once out of warranty period. I bought my Toyota because of there reliability but have found out that they are slipping on the some items. regards johnhrh
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