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  1. Could you PM me a price for items 2,4&5 on that list. Your correct i have the correct gear and Trans Hub&sleeve (1&3) hopefully this will solve my problem. Many thanks Kingo for your time and patience.
  2. Thanks Kingo, Yep i bought all the above named parts apart from retainer, I was never trying to cut corners,i was just told that these were all the parts i needed. I also think i was sold the wrong FIFTH GEAR according to a member in another Forum. I was sold T333336-42040 were as i think i should have been given T333336-12060. Im scared of buying more expensive parts only to find that i still have the same problem.
  3. I took my 4.2 D4D (54) to a local g/box specialist and got the job done for £360 all in! They only replaced the parts that needed replacing and were more than fair with the labour charge!...3 months in now and not a sound out of the 5th gear AT ALL at ANY speed, in fact the car performs better than a 'hot hatch' I owned years ago!! My opinion is that some things on cars are 'specialist' repairs to be performed by specialists and IMHO the g/box is one of them! I bet the cost of your purchased parts were pretty close to my total payment? There is a previous post of mine regarding my problem and
  4. Give it a new home ! Then treat yourself......... Cant give it a new home as no one will buy it with no 5th gear. Absolute headache trying to fix the problem
  5. some petrol and a match!!! not having a good time with it at the mo
  6. I changed the following... 5th gear 33336-42040, Trans hub&sleeve 33393-42010, Needle bearing 90364-28013 However all the old parts had NO signs of any ware or damage. Every other gear works perfect. I dont know what to do next apart from scrap it.
  7. Ah right, sorry. Ive spent a fortune on the car and im considering getting rid as the problem cant seem to be fixed.
  8. You may have read my post in the RAV4 section about my dodgy fifth gear which i tried to fix yesterday with no luck. I shopped about different dealers for my required parts and EVERY dealer gave me a different part number for the same parts N/STK FIFTH GEAR T33336-42040 (my local dealer) the one i bought the parts from N/STK FIFTH GEAR T33336-12060 another dealer on-line N/STK FIFTH GEAR T33336-42030 another dealer by phone This is just an example of fifth gear i was also ordering needle bearing, trans hub and sleeve. I FIND THIS VERY CONFUSING, WHY IS ORDERING PARTS SO DIFFICULT?? AND
  9. No offence taken, Yep me and a friend both capable amateur mechanics (him more than me) did this fix and my rav is no better off. I wasn't refering to springs in the gearbox.. There is linkage CABLES running from the bottom of the gearstick to the gearbox, i was wondering if these could be to blame for my problem. I shopped around 3 different toyota dealers before ordering parts and each dealer gave me different part numbers for fifth gear. Im slowly start to go off toyotas.
  10. I have just done this job today using new parts suppied by my local toyota dealer. now my gearbox is JUST THE SAME yep still slipping out of fifth. I could cry. Could it be the gear linkage?
  11. As title says im looking for a 2JZ-GTE engine for an engine conversion for my mkiv supra. Must be a Supra engine NOT an Aristo, thanks
  12. well today its working fine so i think it was moisture building up inside the drivers door causing this problem. the car is sitting in direct sunlight and is warm so i think this has caused the water to evaporate. Happy days. i'll take off the door card and spray some waxoil in there
  13. yeah sorry its a 4.1 (1999 5 door) and yes the interior light is working so is the electric windows and sun/moon roof. all of which share the same fuse number 36. ANY other suggestions are welcomed and needed please.
  14. ok ive done a bit more research via google and i read it could be the "DOME" fuse? its located in the fuse box in the engine bay next to the battery. Does this sound right to anyone?
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