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  1. dont no owt about the numbers but iv go a g6r 6 speed on a black top engine
  2. hi there has anyone got a 4age 20 valve black top temp gauge cluster sensor cheers
  3. hi there just wonderin if anyone has a 4age 20valve black top water temp gauge sensor cheers
  4. Hi matey yeh il still want that PDF if uv still got it cheers
  5. Hi has anyone go a wiring diagram for a blacktop 20valve
  6. hi has anyone got a blacktop 20valve wiring diagram cheers
  7. Hi there has anybody got a temp sensor for a 4age 20valve it goes in the back of the water housing cheers
  8. Hi there I'm after a water temp sensor for a 4age blacktop that goes on the back of the water housing cheers
  9. Iv heard u can get tte parts strate from Toyota dealers
  10. I'm very close to finishing me 4age g6r and I'm stuck with the wiring does anyone no a autoelectriction that could finish the wiring cheers
  11. hi there iv almost finished a 20 valve g6r conversion and need to find out weather i need my keys recodeing to the new ecu to deactivate the emoblizer once ive carried out my wiring changes
  12. hi there the g6r 20valve is nearly finished and all i need to finish it is the bracket that holds the power steerin pump to the engine and adjuster if there is 1 thanks
  13. conversion nearly done im just after a black top 4age altornater if anyone has one cheers
  14. hi there im just wonderin if anyone has or would no were i can find wiring diagrams for a corolla g6r and a 4age 20valve engine cheers andy
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