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  1. dont no owt about the numbers but iv go a g6r 6 speed on a black top engine
  2. hi there has anyone got a 4age 20 valve black top temp gauge cluster sensor cheers
  3. hi there just wonderin if anyone has a 4age 20valve black top water temp gauge sensor cheers
  4. Hi matey yeh il still want that PDF if uv still got it cheers
  5. Hi has anyone go a wiring diagram for a blacktop 20valve
  6. hi has anyone got a blacktop 20valve wiring diagram cheers
  7. Hi there has anybody got a temp sensor for a 4age 20valve it goes in the back of the water housing cheers
  8. Hi there I'm after a water temp sensor for a 4age blacktop that goes on the back of the water housing cheers
  9. Iv heard u can get tte parts strate from Toyota dealers
  10. I'm very close to finishing me 4age g6r and I'm stuck with the wiring does anyone no a autoelectriction that could finish the wiring cheers
  11. hi there iv almost finished a 20 valve g6r conversion and need to find out weather i need my keys recodeing to the new ecu to deactivate the emoblizer once ive carried out my wiring changes
  12. hi there the g6r 20valve is nearly finished and all i need to finish it is the bracket that holds the power steerin pump to the engine and adjuster if there is 1 thanks
  13. conversion nearly done im just after a black top 4age altornater if anyone has one cheers
  14. hi there im just wonderin if anyone has or would no were i can find wiring diagrams for a corolla g6r and a 4age 20valve engine cheers andy
  15. cheers dude it was a bin of an inpluse buy wen my g6r engine went bang so i got offered a 20valve cheep from a family friend had a kinda look into doin the conversion and most people sed its easy iv already changed all the steering part but the engine came with a 16v superchaged clutch and flywheel on it so im now thinkin i need a 20valve clutch and flywheel witch is provin hard 2 find so wud a 4age 16v clutch and flywheel fit
  16. cheers for the advice but im still wonderin wat parts need i hav a supercharged 16v clutch and flywheel
  17. just found out i have a 16 valve supercharged clutch and flywheel if i change it for the 20 valve one will it fit
  18. the cluch that was on the engine splins on cluch plate was to big i have bin told that it does fit or would it be easier to get a levin box shafts and cluch
  19. hi im abit into coverting my g6r to a 4age 20valve and come across a problem with gear box not fitting almost does tho do i need the 20 valve gear box cluch or flywheel any input would be much appercated
  20. 4 years of to much right foot and not enough maintaince
  21. Hi matey iv owned my G6R for 5 years and i love it i bent 1 of my wheels but i was luckiley enough to fine another set for £40 then last year though my own fault the engine packed up but im part way though fittin a 4age 20valve black top in to it happy motoring hope you have as much fun in yours as ive had mine
  22. If you go on the ae111 owners club there are loads of guys on there selling bits,if not there are some breakers on ebay selling parts for levins cheers mate saw ur rolla at shilverstone last year and was wonderin wat engine ud got in it was it any trouble gettin 20valve in it
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