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  1. Many thanks! ldjh1985, bought a new pair of disk and mintax pads from http://www.buypartsby.co.uk/, delivered yesterday, and got them fitted onto my car today, total cost £120, top service, and am reasonably happy!
  2. Hi All, i have a 55 plate T3, bought a pair of new front disks and pads off ebay and took the car to do an MOT, as expected, failed on front disk and pads, but was told the new ones were too big for the car. please can anyone suggest where to buy some proper ones, at correct specs i have to bring the new ones in within 10 days, or else have to pay twice on the MOT, i am thinking not worth doing that. mAAAAAAAAny thanks!
  3. seems it is cheaper to buy Mintex disks and pads http://www.justpartsbiz.co.uk/acatalog/Toyota_Corolla_1.4_VVTi_Brake_Pads_and_Discs_Jan_2002_-_Dec_2006.html do they last longer than regular kits, is it necessary to change the rear brakes as well to match? Ta!
  4. thank you for replies, where do you usually order them from? any recommendations?
  5. Hello all , heard my brake/pads screaming today, was told i need to change them long time ago, so today they have had it. just wondering what should i expect to pay for a pair of new ones and the labour. i am not after fancy disks just the ordinary ones would do, i suppose getting this done at Toyota is a invite for being ripped off, so i would try local garages. please share some thoughts, thanks you folks!
  6. Making the terms of the notice i.e. you becoming a customer impossible to fulfil, even more of an argument for a judge. I would argue you fully intended to become a customer but the pub would not let you. i was, absolutely. i think most of parking wardens are scams/parasites of this society, pretty shameful actually.
  7. thanks for all the replies, yes, i was sitting in the car when the car was clamped, the little chicken head did it extremely quietly without me noticing it. he was quite aggressive after the clamp, threatened to drive off and left me waiting for the toll truck to watch them toll the car away and pay £480. so paying £300 on the spot and appeal later seemed a sensible choice to me at the time. yes, i was going to go into the pub and buy a hammer to beat him up until he told me the pub was closed due to refurbishment. helpless, hopeless. i read somewhere that this can be treated as "human right aduse"? i am writing to the watchdog, newpapers, and of course the !Removed! clamping company, which is called "parking direct limited"
  8. Was driving on the main road in west drayton, mobile rang, off the main road to a backyard of a pub , the sign reads pub customers only, thinking i'd take the call and go in to have a drink. 2 mins later, someone was knocking on my window, said my car had been clamped, i did not even notice anyone approached my car!!! :ffs: anyway, was told by the little ***** that a toll truck was coming, and would have to pay £480 to get released, however, i could pay £300 to get the car released on the spot. i think it is inhuman to charge this price for releasing a clamp, and i was given two equally ridiculous choices. i am thinking to write to appeal as well as write to the newspapers and regulatory bodies, anyone has good suggestions on how this can be properly done, please leave a comment. many thanks
  9. Peeps, i have booked a full service with them tomorrow, mainly because the car service is due and the air-con stinks. was wondering if anyone has used them before, and so if they are any good. http://prestigecubikrvicing.com/?gclid=CJO-x733uqECFY-X2Aod1R5X-A also my gear shifts are getting stiff, so was also thinking to ask them get the gear oil changed, apparently this is not part of the service. would this help to smooth the gear change? many thanks all
  10. many thanks guys, lots of good advice! i think the Isuzu chap was alright so yeah, fingers crossed
  11. thanks mate, i told the guy exactly the same thing, hopefully he will come back to me with a price quote not too unreasonable. how much higher your current premium has gone up just want to have an idea, does the record stay with you forever?
  12. Out of pure stupidity, reversed into a stationary Isuzu trooper today, the rear bumper of my T3 is slighly scratched, but the Isuzu was very badly damaged, the front bumper is pushed into the car and that broke the radiator as a result. so i am slightly surprised by stiffness of my T3. anyways, first accident ever, shall i call my insurance company, or shall i pay the repair for both cars out of my own pockets, in which case is likely to cost £700 plus. i am not sure how much my premium will go up because of this, will it ever go down again? so fellas, please help.....
  13. so does that mean the adaptor they sell is not compatible?
  14. just came across this (see link below), sounds like a quite good deal, not sure if anyone has used them before, wonder if it is any good? http://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-connects2-ctatyipod002_p-24161.htm to check the compatibility, for a face-lifted 05/06 corolla, is the pin connector block (consists of 2 connector block) the new style connector? many thanks!
  15. hi,i would avoid spending £80 on discs and pads, to be honest 15% isnt that bad if you have any concerns i would either get a garage to just have a check over of the front brakes (pads, discs, caliper pistons, sliders etc) if no problems just ask them to put a little copper grease on pads where they go into the pad carrier, or to save hassle if you are mechanically minded i would do it yourself. hope this helps cheers pal, i am going to get the car serviced in two weeks, will ask the garage to take a look at the brake.
  16. Hello all, 55 plate T3 passed the MOT today, but showed 15% inbalance on front brake, just wondering is this tolerable, when would i need to get the disks/pads changed? Toyota website offers front pair of disk/pads at 80 quids, are these OEM parts, or 3rd party manufactured? appreciate the help, thanks all!
  17. i have also been keyed before, miserable bast$$d!! tried chipsaway, they completely ruined my car, i made it very clear i was not happy, so they decided not to charge me anything, then a friend recommended a small workshop in London, they did a fantastic job!
  18. my steering is becoming heavier :( !! maybe just a psychological effect, i have got a 55 plate T3
  19. every month, but i think many ford drivers are much lazier than me!
  20. thanks guys, i might go and arrange to view the car, did a search also, rumoured is the future celica, maybe most of you have seen it before. http://www.goauto.com.au/mellor/mellor.nsf...A25742C00126F30
  21. Hi gents, i have a corolla, but have been considering a celica, found this on autotrader, want to know your opinion on the price, and please share some of your experience with celica. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/adv...1&logcode=p Toyota has stopped the celica like they did with corolla? any replacement coming out? thanks
  22. second that! french cars are jokes, a bit like their president :D
  23. really? my dealer said MOT not included, and will be charged additionally, guess it differs with dealership, yours is a nice dealer by the sound of it, mine is more greedy
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