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  1. : : hi..Ralph..to be on the safe side CHANGE THE BELT WITH THE AMOUNT OF MILEAGE ON YOUR CAR ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME!!IF IT DOSE SNAP YOU WILL HAVE A BIG PROBLEM,YOU WILL BE LOOKING AT A ENGINE REBUILD :ffs: SO FOR THE SAKE OF £150 why dont you change the belt yourself! its not that hard just make sure that the engine is a T.D.C that top dead center..remove the time case cover make sure that the timeing marks a in line releace the tensioner and remove the belt and replace with the new belt, when you refit the tensinoer make sure that on the longest side of the belt the is about three qt of ins play relplace the cover job done,price of belt about £25 B) nice to see that there is another name sake :D cheers,From Ralph
  2. :eekI HAVE A ICE SYSTEM FOR SALE ITS COMES WITH 4 AMPS.400WT,,600WT,,300WT,,250 MONO BLOCK,, PHILIPS 3 WAY CROSSOVER..5.1 MIX BOX..AND A 1.0. CAP THERE ARE 4 SUBS 0NE 12ins..four..10ins..the subs are all inclosed in one box.44ins long 14ins wide..24ins high.. all the amps and cross overs are mounted on the box I made the box to fit in the back of a toyota space cruiser,,the system sounds great..i am selling the system as a package..: i am open to offer"s of around £450 you can e.mail me on ralphgranada@aol.com i am in london se aera.if you want to see the system you are wellcome to view and here it sounds
  3. Does any one out there likes space cruiser i think its a great mpv of its days...
  4. cruiser1

    Space Cruiser

    any one who has a space cruiser!i am looking for a set of crome roof rails,, and i am looking for a set of alloys 4 studs you can e.mail me at ralphgranada@aol.com or if you want to chat a bout the cruiser.
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