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  1. delhard

    New Iq3

    Got my iq3 at beginning of sep. thankfully discs all round!!
  2. Cost me £250.00 inclusive. Well worth it though with 120gig of music on offer. Works great with touch screen!!
  3. delhard


    Duma grey! Picked it up and typical it's about to rain, oh well polish day tomorrow i guess!!
  4. delhard


    i'm off to collect my iq. Seems like i've been waiting ages. Think i'm gonna be paranoid about where i park now though!!
  5. delhard

    Help Me Choose

    where did you get the heated seat kit? about the only thing i'll miss on my smart!!
  6. part exchanged my smart four two last week for an iq3. can't wait to change gear again. gotta wait until mid sep though!!
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