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  1. Also spoke with Toyota gb today about mine having rear drums and others having rear discs. They just said it was an update to the cars now.

    Got my iq3 at beginning of sep. thankfully discs all round!!

  2. Hi All

    Can anyone who has had the iPod Integration Kit fitted tell me how much it cost?

    I have been quoted £207 + VAT including fitting.


    Cost me £250.00 inclusive. Well worth it though with 120gig of music on offer. Works great with touch screen!!

  3. My IQ3 manual is due next week. Not long now.

    My 4 month old M3 convertible went last week and guess what , I dont miss it.

    Just got the heated seat kit ready for the IQ as winters coming. One option Toyota dont offer :(

    where did you get the heated seat kit? about the only thing i'll miss on my smart!!

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