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  1. Whatever Toyota put in, gone are the days where I get all stressed out about what oil to use, if Toyota say its good enough then its good enough.
  2. I'm glad its sorted but you really should have taken someone who knows what they are doing with you. Anyway its sorted and you're happy plus you will know for next time so thats the main thing.
  3. So this was a little over a month ago. They would not have worn by anywhere near 30% in that time unless you've been on a trip around Europe. When is the car next due an MOT/Service?
  4. I'm amazed you parted with £3k for a car with no history, this thread should be a warning to everyone when looking for a car.
  5. Please dont waste your money, your car is far too young to warrant replacement springs it will do twice that mileage and then some before they require changing.
  6. I bought a set of 215/45/17 TSW multi spokes with brand new tyres all round got a really good deal
  7. I drove them both the CTS AND CTR back to back, I've driven a fair few T-Sports as I used to work for Toyota and I've owned a fair few Hondas I used to be a proper Honda nut. I expected to dislike the CTS and want the CTR but I thought I should try the CTS as you can get a newer and more looked after example for the money so I tried both back to back, this is what I thought CTR I love the look of the CTR I think they look great but the first thing that struck me was the interior was pretty damn terrible, extremely plasticy and hollow feeling, pant peeling off parts of the interior and the seats were flimsy and bobbling. Driving it was a better experiance but I didnt really understand what all the fuss was about, it was quick but I found it a bit dull compared to previous Hondas I've owned, the change over was smoothed out the car was almost silent and it felt a little disapointing, the main thing I liked about the CTR was the typical Honda gear box and the brakes were superior to the CTS CTS First of all you cant compare the pre facelift, the handling of the pre facelift really lets it down so this is facelift only. The facelift is a rare car so I love the fact that no one knows what it is. The first thing that struck me about the CTS and what I had forgot about as it was five years since I worked for Toyota was the interior build quality, it is miles ahead of the CTR, hard plastic and firm seats with no wear. The car also sounds so much nicer, it has a throaty tone to it and upon putting my foot down I was really surprised at how quick it felt, the changeover was more aggresive and the sound was awesome. The kit level is what won it for me, all the toys and trim level you get in the CTS over the CTR. The CTR does have much better gear box and brakes though but thats it, other than that the handling etc all seemed very similar Basically you should try test driving both, you might not be bothered about kit level and prefer to have a more well known car, personally I wanted the extra toys but with a high revving engine and better interior and I like the fact its the underdog so the CTS won it for me
  8. I mean on the OEM wheels changing the wheel is a diiferent kettle of fish :)
  9. Thanks I wish I wasnt so indecisive, Kwik Fit have a deal on and I can get 4 x 205/55/16 SP Sport Dunlop Fast Response fitted today for under £400 and I'm wondering if I'm being stupid not going for it Did the tyres look massive? Its hard to tell in the pics You car is exactly the same as mine, colour etc
  10. You had 205/55/16 fitted? How was it?
  11. Ones that I cant afford like OZ etc The days of spending money on cars are gone I just bought a flat, I was thinking of getting 17's but decent ones with decent tyres are very expensive
  12. Thats a really good price to be honest, I'm looking at more than that on the standard T-Sport 16's
  13. Ok thanks, seriously considering just getting a set of 215/45/17 wheels if I can find any I like for a reasonable price, doesnt work out much more expensive than 4 tyres if I sell my standard wheels
  14. I cant get 205/55/16 Dunlop Fast Response fitted for under £400 but the same tyre in a 50 profile is over £100 more :(
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