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  1. I still don't have my truck back! That will teach me to trust the stealer, uh, I mean dealer. The service rep now tells me that the part is on nationwide back order. I wonder why. Could it be that people all over the country need their heat to work reliably now that it's winter? Anyway, they've had my truck for 4 days, and they can't even give me an ETA on the part. They provided me with a Corolla as substitute transportation. This was fine when I thought it would be a day, but now I'm going to have to insist on a comparable vehicle. And the beat goes on... :-(. Darryl R.
  2. Took the car to the dealer today and they confirmed (after a call to Toyota's tech line) that this is a known problem, and that the solution is the replacement of the entire heating/AC module. The part will be in at 2pm tomorrow. Should have the truck back by 5pm. Darryl R.
  3. I just purchased a new '04 4Runner, and after 600 miles, the heater/ac fan intermittently refuses to turn on. Although the dash indicators say the fan is on, the fan motor isn't turning, and no air is emitted from the vents. This happens whether I use Auto or Manual climate control. It typically happens when I first start the car in the morning (it's not garaged, and is only partially protected from the elements on the side that faces my house). Once I've driven the car for a while, stopped, turned off the ignition, gotten out of the car, returned to the car (after running an errand of variable length), and turned the heat back on, the fan works fine. The past few mornings haven't even been that cold (~25 F with overnight temperatures probably in the teens), but my gut tells me that it's got something to do with engine temperature. It worked throughout the recent East-coast cold snap, so I'm surprised that it's acting up now. Any ideas? Thanks, Darryl R.
  4. Does anyone know if there's an accessible antenna lead in the cargo bay of the '04 4Runner (and which side it's on if it exists)? I'm planning to install a CD Changer with a built-in FM Modulator, and I was wondering whether it would be easier to access the FM antenna lead from the cargo bay (easier than the dash). Seems possible, since the in-glass FM diversity antenna is in one of the rear windows. Thanks, Darryl R.
  5. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good dash disassembly instructions for the '04 4Runner SR5 4WD? I'd like to get a reliable set of instructions before I take on my CD Changer installation. Thanks, Darryl R.
  6. Everyone, I checked out the forums at http://www.tundrasolutions.com, and it appears they have instructions for both the RS3000 and the RS3200. However, they've apparently moved the instructions to a section called "the Garage" that you have to join (for an annual or lifetime membership fee) to access. I've sent the moderator a message to make sure that the instructions that I need are indeed there before I even consider shelling out any $ for membership. Some of the postings surrounding the topic suggest that the wire in question (the one that you disconnect to enable it for free) is actually an 8 pin connector in the VIP RS3200 Plus. I downloaded the instruction manual for the RS3200 Plus and looked through it for a suitable connector to disconnect. However, the 8 pin connectors that are mentioned in the instructions are actually reconnected to the RS3200 unit during the install. I'll keep you posted. Darryl R.
  7. I just purchased an '04 4Runner SR5 without the anti-theft alarm system option (VIP RS3200 Plus). I decided to forgo the $400 factory alarm system to save money, figuring that I would purchase an after-market alarm for about $200. However, the research that I've done suggests that everything except the glass break sensor is already installed from the factory if you've got keyless entry (which I do - it even has a panic button). I found an article that described the process for enabling the alarm on an '03 Tacoma with keyless entry (http://www.customtacos.com/tech/ind...ex_v2&id=12&c=6). I'm looking for similar information on the '04 4Runner. Any ideas? Thanks, Darryl R.
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