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  1. Cheers got a link where i can buy it? How much? Halfrauds? Thanks
  2. Just wondering how or if i can connect my iphone/ipod to my stock stereo? Is there any available aux ports round the back of the stereo i can simply plug an aux led in and feed into the car? Ps i dont wanna use one of them radio fm connector things as the sound qualitys crap. Thanks
  3. Weve now recieved literature at my dealership on the new yaris and the model line up is pretty dissapointing as theres no sport varient all there doing is a 1.0 1.33 and 1.4d a sr model gets the 1.33, so theres not even a 1.8sr replacement/varient. I think there is a warmer version were not getting (uk) which comes with the 1.5 1nzfe known as the vitz rs in other contries. Has anybody else heard anything about any possible sport models being released? I dont think the t sport range will ever return now.
  4. sometimes they can just lose there connection with the car and need reprogramming into the car again. Mr T will charge you half an hours labour even thought it only takes around 2 minutes.
  5. had a look on autotrader and never really seen one over 110k - 120k miles was just wondering whats yours done and whats the highest you seen one with Mines just turned over 100,000 miles, wanna get an idea of how many more i could add to the clock.
  6. This problem is such a pain in the *****, ive bought a seat of ebay of a E12 corolla but it was a phase 1 chair and its different underneath to my seat so you cant simply transfer over the seat bar with the pins on it. The seat doesnt just detach from the base neither, basically with this chair now my only option is to take the cover of my seat and sponge and airbad and have it fitted onto this mk 1 seat frame. does anyone know if it was just the phase 2 of the e12 corollas which had this seat pin snapping problem as ive noticed on the earlier seat the pins are shorter stubbier and look much stronger than the ones of my char which are about three times longer and the same thickness. I just wondered if anybody had found a way of botching up a snapped seat pin? Good old toyota dont just sell the seat bar neither you have to buy the whole frame for like £300. My drivers side went a couple of months ago on areound 90k miles and the passenger side went 8 days afterwards lol unbelievable! Thankyou
  7. lol a supra, more sensible - live the dream!
  8. i think thats a rly good effort mate espec considering its your first car and your age! imo i like the badges on there, if some people see you and think your driving a t sport, that can only be a good thing! after all theres not masses of difference in appearance between the t sport and stock corolla espec the pre facelift. id get the plate sorted and be looking for a tte spoiler to finish off that back end!
  9. im 22 1 yrs no claim every one else besides elephant wanted 3 - 5k! yeh depends on how heavy ur wallet is but its just crazy the price of fuel at the moment, if it goes much higher suppose il just have to go for derv... just anoying as well how our tax keeps going up and up and some cars now have free tax and £25 road tax for the year, i know its all about emissions but thats a massive jump. still i suppose you have to get some benifits for having to drive say an aygo go.
  10. i suppose 7-10 years ago running one of these cars wouldnt have been too bad when fuel was half the price and tax and insurance wasnt so bad, but lately its getting beyond a joke just fueling it. A lot of the newer turbo hot hatches claim to be a lot better on fuel i.e. 45mpg + combined figures but the corolla if found tends to average in the low 20s generally for me. tax is up next month and thats now £129.00 for 6 months. how ppl are affording to modify these things as well as run them iv no idea lol. im spending a tank of fuel a week now £60 £129 on tax every 6 months and £1400 on insurance. Im looking at going down the warm hatch route but strugling to find anything i like without keep going back to the yaris t sport iv already owned.... anyone else thinking of downgrading? if so what for?
  11. cheers for that link mate, i'l try a set of those, what disks would you reccomend for the front? and a link if pos would be great!
  12. think im going to order these can somebody just confirm they will lower my facelift ts by 30mm. also are they a good spring anyone else got them? thanks
  13. cheers, wont bother with the flywheel then! do you know of any other uk sites what sell bits for our cars? also appreciate if someone could hekp me with the lowering spring issue as im thinking of buying some, also can lowering springs affect tracking and the centering of steering wheels? thanks
  14. /ahh cheers mate, il invest in some ferodo pads then, do they not dustlike the standard ones? id always wondered what the benefit was of braided hoses ta! makes sense now... i wonder why they dont just put that brake fluid in as standard? also where is best to buy on the net ferodo pads and black diamond disks?
  15. I am looking to upgrade my disks and pads, just wanted some recomendations, i was thinking black diamond disks and mintex pads? also is it worth upgrading to dot 5.1 brake fluid, am i right in saying there in no downside to up grading brake fluid, just the advantage of minimising brake fade? cheers!