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  1. Thats a good idea actually mate as the clips have small holes don’t they what would take a self tapping screw, what did you do for the figment on the underside?
  2. Thanks I watched a video on YouTube where an American guy uses a syringe and injects gun oil past the seal to lubricate the shaft. What other oils/grease have people on here found cure the problem? How did you manage to get past the rubber seal?
  3. I’ve purchased some mud flaps from a breaker and have no fitting instructions and wondered if you guys could help. I’ve fitted the rears easily enough with the screws already in the rear bumper and 4 additional sell tappers and washers. I just need help with the front. Is the idea to remove the clips what currently hold the arch liner in place and then put these through the mud flaps and then arch liners? Only reason is that the holes in the mud flaps don’t look big enough to take the plastic clips? Some of them are small and circular and the clips are square.... also there is just a hole in the actual sill on the underside with noting in it, this looks like it will take one of these square clips, so do I just need to purchase another? i have had great difficulty trying to remove these arch liner clips too, are they not reusable? There the worst clips I’ve come across Thanks
  4. Thanks that’s really helpful and answers what I wanted to know. Yeah to be honest I just like the aggressive look of the AT tyres, I won’t be going off road all that much so it sounds like they would be a waste of time for me. Think I’m gonna go for the Michelin Cross Climates, they look sweet with the white lettering on the sidewall too imo 👍
  5. Oh yes of course, they would be needed to get to a roofbox I’ve been giving the Rav a service tonight and I’m a bit puzzled why the airbox seems to have an additional filter which isn't replaceable...? Why is there what looks like 2 filters in my airbox?
  6. I never thought about that, does seem well stuck on there too. Think it’s been stuck on with tiger seal 😂. Il get the hairdryer on it and hope for the best 😬.
  7. CorollaTS05

    4.3 Tyres

    I was wondering regarding tyres are any people running off road tyres on there RAV4s such as: I think I’m at least going to run winter or all season tyres all year round as opposed to summer tyres to try and reap the benefits in the winter. I wondered if anyone had any experience with with off road tyres and what the negatives are? Do they provide poor grip on road or affect handling? I was was looking at the Michelin Cross Climates which apparently are all season tyres, but think if I go down this route I might as well just go for a winter tyre... whats the general consensus? Appreciate your opinions. Apologies if this something similars been asked before thanks
  8. Ahh thanks guys, the previous owner used to cross the Mersey flow everyday so I bet it’s something to do with that 👍
  9. Thanks mate, I’m really happy with it, done plenty of wet sanding and compounding the paint today getting out lots of fine scratches, she’s looking much better. The side steps can be used to get it (as in there strong enough) but myself and my wife aren’t using them as I don’t find the Rav4 overly high. I think they would be handy for children and the elderly getting in though. I think they look smart though along with the front bull bar looking plastics. Is that £500 for used ones? On another note does anyone know what this is on my windscreen, before I rip it off.... I’m assuming it’s not standard?
  10. So today I picked up a Rav4.3 Petrol Auto. Think I’ve paid too much for it but it’s only done 50k miles. It has the usual steering knock. I just wondered with the steering knock does it happen all the time when the intermediate shaft is required? Reason I ask I’ve been reading through old paperwork of the vehicles and on a health check at Toyota a few years ago it got picked up on and they put it down as requiring a new steering rack at £1900. On another health check the tech has put it down as requiring a steering shaft. I also wondered if anyone has any cleaning advice for the side steps, there quite pitted in areas and I’m wondering what would make them look fresher? Thanks
  11. Thanks mate for sharing your research, you’ve saved me a lot of googling. That’s interesting how both variants work slightly differently to get the same outcome. I think I’m gonna go for an auto, i like not having to worry about a clutch failing too in what are now 12 plus year old vehicles. The hunt continues! 😄
  12. Thanks for your reply mate, I’d love to get my hands on a tidy low miler. Think there quite a rarity! Although this steering shaft issue is making me think about perusing a tidy 4.2 now as it would irritate me knocking. Do prefer the look of the 4.3 and it feels quite a lot bigger inside imo.
  13. It’s definitely possible mate although it’s hard and requires practice. Makes a big difference on your 0-60 and 1/4 mile times too. You literally have to get the engine to 8200RPM in first gear and then shift, just before the engine bounces of the limiter and you have to shift quickly. I found it harder when the vehicle had more weight/passengers in or when accelerating up a hill, for obvious reasons.
  14. Hi, I’m currently on the hunt for a Rav 4.3 with mileage under 80k and in reasonable/tidy condition. It’s proving to be quite a task. I keep getting given really inaccurate descriptions off traders a few I’ve seen have been battered. Today’s had many dings, a heavy clutch, knocking steering going lock to lock, an oil leak from what looked like the rocker cover and a bearing whine from an engine ancillary. I think its it’s probably hard to find what I want as for most owners out there, they generally get used as a work horse taking kids and dogs out and pulling caravans. So they don’t typically get the love the average same age MR2 or Celica gets for example. I had had a couple of questions about the 4.3 and was wondering if anyone could help me out. 1.) Did all the 4.3s eventually develop a steering knock which I believe to be the intermediate shaft? Was this rectified/modified on the facelift 4.3? And how much does this repair generally set one back if they aren’t up to it themselves? 2.) Transmission - was the auto the same as the earlier 4.2? In terms of off roading and towing would the Auto be superior to the manual or have I got this wrong? If anyone else has anymore info as in what to look out for and other common faults that would be great thanks
  15. Cheers got a link where i can buy it? How much? Halfrauds? Thanks