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  1. the exterior pictured above is how production versions will look. How do you know that this is the Production exterior?
  2. That won't be an issue with the target customers! ;)
  3. Likely to be Show Car images....not the final spec.
  4. The naff 'Infotainment' control button on the Steering Wheel...means that the passenger can't make any adjustments. The 'Multi-Information' screen in the Instrument Pack is too cluttered - tries to do too much... Yes - Aux input is annoyingly insensitive!
  5. I'm sure there'll be something suitable in PoundLand! Or on the local market... What make of DAB is it?
  6. Just changes the Throttle pot voltage profile to create the desired driving 'style'. But - electronics not validated and approved by the vehicle manufacturer are always a risk..........
  7. Had exactly same thing myself. Just read the manual about how to reset stop start system. Just follow how it says to reset and sytem works fine again. Dont know why it did it but the solution is always the manual. Took longer to read than actually do! Was something like hold start button for 3 seconds, release and press again or something similar anyway.Been fine ever since. Does the Start/Stop also disable below a certain temperature (with warning in cluster)?
  8. Bit of a long stretch to the 12V Power Socket?
  9. Miles = Smiles

    Bike Rack?

    Isn't there one in the Toyota iQ Accessories brochure? Anyone managed to get one?
  10. Without resorting to the gigantic TNS510 unit (and breaking the bank), what after-market satnavs seem to work with the iQ? Our TomTom 740 seems to blend in ok - mounted it on the surface to the right of the status display (above the CD slot). Some nasty 'wobbles' though...
  11. Fiited these to our iQ3....sweet! Anyone thought about improving the performance of the CHMSL? Four LED standard version looks cruuuuuude!
  12. We run a standard iQ3 here - no issues with the standard audio system even at high volume, and no resonances noted. Recently tried a test with a variety of 'challenging' music (via a DAB Planet Rock source) and the Who, Steely Dan, and accoustic Bowie were faithfully reproduced (and enjoyed!). Maybe needs some more top and upper middle improvement, but being finicky. Only concern is the low sensitivity of the Aux input which seems to require the vol up full on the MP3 player to match level of radio / CD.
  13. Try clicking the link in my post... Toyota UK have confirmed the car is coming here. Ok - where in the link does it say that this iQ is coming to the UK? All the info relating to this car suggests it's a concept model. http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/241261/ http://toyotaiqcar.com/talk/scion-iq-is-co...o-the-us-early/
  14. There was a similar discussion when AML launched the DB7 back in '94....that it wasn't a real Aston, etc. In fact, it effectively saved the company, and in it's evolved forms, became their best seller. Who knows where the Cygnet might lead the company, but it certainly sits in an area of the City Car market that isn't catered for at present. The bigger picture is that it could offer a tie-up with the massive development resource of Toyota, which, for a low-volume manufacturer (AML) is currently a huge cost headache if they want to pursue the latest technology, and keep churning out 'world class GT cars'! Indeed. We've had Fiats badged as Ferarris and Volkswagens badged as Porsches, so why not? :D Yes - 'subtle' marketing can sell any old tat! Remember domestic VCRs? The Phillips V2000 system was almost broadcast quality, Betamax was pretty good, but VHS (probably the worst of the lot) won the day...
  15. Anyone tried to buy the bike holder yet? (Page 11 in the UK Accessories brochure) http://www.toyota.no/Images/iQ_Acc_eng_2009.pdf
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