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  1. You can see pictures and details in My Project just below this one on here
  2. Heathie

    My Project

    Now going up for sale
  3. I'm going to park it up with sign in after its MOT on the 19/04/14. £5,000 or offers
  4. You know I love the car. I bought it new because I planned to keep it, so I put a lot of time and money into it and looked after it. Its just that 99% of my driving is motorway from Monday to Friday and I just feel I need some thing a little bigger. We have an old Audi A3 tdi also (my wifes) and I'm thinking of getting one for my self. I think I need a change that's all.
  5. Once mine has had its MOT on the 19th of April its going up for sale
  6. Heathie

    Miles And Miles

    Hi Bob, happy days. I bought my car from new and plan to run it for as long as I can that's why I look after it and treat it well. I have treated many cars over the years with ZX1 and swear by it, after all F1 teams use it so it must be good.
  7. I've just ordered a TANNABE Strut Brace from J-Spec Performance. Looking forward to fitting it when it arrives as I have fitted many of these and find that they work really well. I may then consider the Sway bar but I don't want to keep adding more weight to the car if I can help it.
  8. Heathie

    Miles And Miles

    Hi Bob, good news. Not sure how much you paid for your ZX1 Oil Treatment but I get mine for £15 for 250ml off EBay and i believe its good for 30,000 miles. I treat my IQ2 every 12 months (12,500) miles and put the rest in my Audi (3,000) miles. I also add Redex injection cleaner every 6 months and at the same time add Cataclean I average 68mpg
  9. Heathie

    Miles And Miles

    I think its the fact that the IQ is so little and only has a 3 cylinder engine makes it feel or seam fragile. I have and always will have it serviced at Toyota and will keep adding the ZX1, injection cleaner and cataclean.
  10. Heathie

    Clean Egr Iq2

    Hi, I have cleaned many MAF Sensors in the past on VW, Seat and Audi etc with alot of success and replaced EGR Valves with bypass once with alot of success also. If you think that you are having a problem with yours then I think that you should take it to a dealer as I had mine replaced under warranty because the early ones fitted to the iq2 were faulty.
  11. Hi, any help appreciated. I want to remove the roof lining so that I can wrap the roof with Carbon Fiber to match my bonnet and then replace the aerial with an amplified shark fin aerial. I just want any tips before I start. Thanks for any help
  12. Heathie

    Miles And Miles

    Just completed 54,000 miles in my 59 plate IQ2 Manual that I purchased from new. Still on the original discs, pads and exhaust etc.
  13. Hi, I think it was me. I fed a flexie pipe from under the front of the car to the original air filter box where I had fitted a Blitz panel filter.
  14. Mine is a manual and it pulls alot better from standing with a little more torque.
  15. Hi David, I did feed my cold air feed under the bumper at first but with the car being lowered by 35mm all round I was bit concerned about getting water in or even getting it clogged up with snow and ice.
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