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  1. hi i i thought i would let you know that you have not said what motor you have 2.4 or 3 ltr sorry its a 2.4td 1992 ssr ltd, its got lifted suspension so slightly higher cheers
  2. hi how easy and wat mods are needed to get a tow bar on the back of my car, also want a tow ball on the front
  3. hi all, it may be a silly question but why is there 2 batteries under the bonnet cheers
  4. Hello, I just recently got my hands on a J reg 1992 Hilux Surf 2.4TD SSR Limited. It was quite cheap so i wasnt expecting anything near perfect. Anyway, i was told of a tappet problem. Previous owner said that he changed the head last month, but before he did it tappets were quiet. Anyway put the new head on, with new tappets, and its ok when just in park, and ref a bit, its when its going, once in top gear and around 60 it can be really annoying. Any ideas? I sent basically the same question above to a local garage, there reply was; "Possibly just want adjusting - may have worn rocker or camshaft. (Probably why so cheap?!) By all means bring it in and we can have a look. Then we could price up properly. Thanks Paul "
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