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  1. cheers v, check out the new topic, tryna sort it out again, but think all !Removed! have hibernated!
  2. hey all, im on the mr2oc and imoc and have guaged interest into a new meet for all surrounding areas of North West London. Had a meet on the 18th Aug 09', which was not too bad being the first one, around 8 mr2's turned up. A few people have guaged interest into the meet, and thought to arrange another one for next week. LOCATION: Park Royal Complex car park (on the A40, near Hanger Lane) Heres the address for those who might be using navigation: Royale Leisure Park Western Avenue London W3 0PA DATE+TIME: Wed 18th Nov 09' @ 7pm til late. This is open to other jap cars aswell, so the more the merrier! Heres a link to the picture from the meet in August 09'. Take a look! http://mr2oc.co.uk/forums/47/122836.html?start=28 non mr2oc members may need to resgister to see the pictures! Ive been to a few vw/bmw shows recently and think its time we have a local meet for the JAP enthusiasts North West London! Therefore this meet is designed for us to enjoy and compare our vehicles, and also see whats been done. Help one another out. Represent for the !Removed! of North West London. Leave a post if your interested so i can begin to make a list! Hope to see you all there. cheers. jit112
  3. NW London MR2 Meet - 18th Aug 09 @ 8pm UPDATED LIST jit112 RstSteve Sutton Oddshoes Mandair Odin S Monkeyra Topgun sjm1984 (imoc) _al_ Also guys heres the address for those who might not know exactly where the meet is: Royale Leisure Park Western Avenue London W3 0PA cheers. jit112
  4. HEY ALL, Was just reminded by a friend about this forum and have just joined up. Am doing an MR2 meet tomorrow night, all details below in the same post ive put on the other forums. Other toyotas welcome, if you want to come down. A few MR2 meets have been a slight bit far off so thought would be good to have something local. All details are below, if you would like to come down then leave a message and ill add you to the list. cheers jit112 ORIGINAL MESSAGE ON MR2OC and IMOC FORUMS Hey guys, Well tomorrow night is the meet. Just to remind you its date and time: -Park Royal Complex Car Park: Just on the A40 eastbound, just past hanger lane. -Tuesday 18th August 09' @ 8pm onwards. (try make it for 8pm as can take some snaps before it gets dark) So far from both MR2OC and IMOC forums, ive heard from the following people: jit112 mr2oc RstSteve mr2oc Sutton mr2oc Oddshoes mr2oc Mandair mr2oc Odin S mr2oc Monkeyra mr2oc Topgun mr2oc sjm1984 imoc Some of you are definates and some maybes, hopefully you can all make it! Just to remind you as its the first meet, try not to gather to much attention on your entrance, as dont want us to be moved out by the car park lol. If anyone else is interested then leave a message and ill add you to the list. cheers look forward to seeing you all. jit112