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  1. my friend has a pearlescent white GT86.. and its a fab colour.. enjoy! :-)
  2. Having owned a couple of the T sports, I know that the gear box is very precise and deliberate, and you do have to work the gear box quite hard, I used to find the 3rd gear quite difficult to get into, this is due to the sporty nature of the car.... that said it depends on the mileage of the car, as to whether the gear box has a problem... is it just 1st or all the gears?
  3. Hi I agree with the above .. steer clear from that type of gearbox.. manual is far better.. Good luck with your search
  4. Well they certainly look great! :-)
  5. Happy Birthday angelcake71!

  6. Hiya I am looking for a Toyota Yaris 1.5 Tsport mark 2 in either Carribean Blue -which is my fave colour and 1st choice or black or thunder grey.. low miles.. full documented service history must be in immaculate condition inside and out up to 2 previous owners... I live in Dorset but am happy to travel for the right car
  7. no record of service history until 50K .. has 2 previous owners. last owner had car from 2005 til now
  8. Hiya Avenisis.. Many thanks.. after reading the above comments about the good garage guide.. and also realising that phase 2 was not available on an 03 plate I have crossed the 112,00 of my list.. I have seen quite a few nice Tsports but this time I would love a carribbean blue one.. as I already have a thunder grey one.. ..
  9. Hiya yes Chris I do mean the v5 document.. also the VIN plate was scuffed... no they were all good reviews that were published! The car with little service history and only 1 key is an established garage and part of a large group of garages in the south east. it is only the little service history that worried me a bit
  10. Thanks.. also am I right in thinking the phase 2 facelift did not come out until the 53 plate?? as the one we saw.. with the log book that didnt match.. was an 03 plate but had a phase 2 interior.. ie controls on the steering wheel and noty the flowe like vents or 2 tone steering wheel..
  11. Thanks for replying .. approx the same price.. the one with less miles is slightly newer.. have test drove the high mileage one, but not the other one
  12. I totallyLOVE these cars we already have a 53 Thunder grey one, which I bought from a Toyota dealer it was A1 and still is, am now looking for a second one for me.. I love the carribean blue ones!! the only minus point is the turning circle!